Are those little horses real? Neigh. Reeves International, best known through its Breyer Animal Creations division, makes detailed model horses, wildlife, and farm animals, as well as accessories such as bridles, saddles, barns, and jumping walls. Sold under the Breyer brand name, the 300 models come in a wide variety of horse breeds and colors and are made from plastic, porcelain and resin. Some are made to resemble famous horses, such as Seabiscuit and Hidalgo. It also distributes die-cast models for fellow manufacturer Corgi USA. Reeves owns Bosun Boats and The Big Dig, as well. The company was founded by Werner J. Fleischmann, a Swiss entrepreneur, in 1946 and continues to be run by his son, Anthony.

Through its Breyer division, its largest, Reeves makes and ships some 5 million model horses each year. To cater to collectors, Reeves publishes Just About Horse, a bimonthly collector magazine in addition to hosting a collector club and BreyerFest for model horse enthusiasts.

The company's model horses are roughly one-ninth the original size. Its Teddy equine, which debuted in 2007, was created for its Olympic-level qualities. The company's Breyer horses are peddled for about $45 and are targeted to female horse lovers.  


14 Industrial Rd
Pequannock, NJ 07440-1991
Phone: 1 (973) 694-5006
Fax: 1 (973) 694-5213


  • Employer Type: Private
  • President: Anthony Fleischmann
  • Dir Of Sls: Eugene McKeown
  • Inventory And Purchasing Manager: Jeffrey Uhrig
  • Employees: 85

Major Office Locations

  • Pequannock, NJ

Other Locations

  • Wayne, NJ