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Work-life balance valued more than career upside

3.0 of 5 stars



AT&T's current strategy is a diversified platform, which includes wireline and wireless services, which positions it ahead of Verizon, T Mobile and Sprint. The company strengths are in its IT and network design groups. The company rarely has layoffs or hires externally, so employees are encouraged to move within and are supported as they develop new skill sets. Work-life balance is important, and telecommuting 1-2 days per week are encouraged.


A very bureaucratic organization, moving up is difficult while it is easy to be pigeonholed in administrative roles that manage processes rather than add value. Roles that create or manage processes outnumber analytical roles, which can squander an MBA's knowledge. The number of second level managers now total around 60% of management employees, directors 25%, and higher levels the remainder, so join only at a Director level or above if joining the firm as an experienced hire. There is a rotational program for new graduates that offers opportunities for advancement and achievement, situations not offered experienced hires. AT&T does not pay high salaries, as they maintain that for lower level management roles, the benefits and total compensation are more important to their employees.


Finance at AT&T is data driven more than analytical. Good if you know multiple database sources, as there are many legacy systems to navigate.

Corporate real estate is a group in which many employees not experienced in real estate go to retire, so the team culture can include a lot of drag when you cannot obtain information from less motivated employees. AT&T is disposing of many assets in its portfolio, so key roles are in lease negotiations, which also manage dispositions.

Not bad.

4.0 of 5 stars



The pay and benefits are pretty impressive for the amount of work that's required


The work and life balance. The hours are long and tiring to the point were when you get home all you want to do is sleep and on your days off as well.


Let your team members know you appreciate their hard work and dedication and with out them, they wouldn't have customers.