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TIAX stands out among the pack of technology consultants.  The current crop of corporate buzzwords, systems integrating, network upgrading, outsourcing, are missing from the firm's service offerings, and with good reason.  Self-described as a "collaborative research and development company," TIAX is involved in the nitty-gritty details of producing new technology to boost its clients' bottom line by integrating business, technology and hands-on laboratory experience.  TIAX operates in a particular niche, product development between the laboratory and the marketplace, and its engineers, technologists and scientists are grouped into multidisciplinary teams that link different approaches and combine technical knowledge with industry experience.  The firm has carved out a place for itself in the industry, having been selected by the World Economic Forum as a "technology pioneer" and maintaining ISO 9001 certification with more than 50 research and development labs.

A little history lesson

For a firm that concentrates almost solely on futuristic, cutting-edge products, it is interesting to note that TIAX's history stretches all the way back to 1886.  Known then as Griffin & Little, the company's founding father, Arthur D. Little, discovered acetate and used his prestige to originate the world's first management consulting firm, specializing in contracted technology research.  Fast forward through key contributions to the development of nonflammable motion picture film, fiberglass, the word processor, synthetic penicillin and the Nasdaq stock exchange, all the way to 2001, when the Arthur D. Little (ADL) firm (Griffin's name was dropped early on in the firm's history) declared bankruptcy.  The company had allowed its management consulting division to grow too rapidly; this burden, plus the inability to get C-quential, a subsidiary, off the ground, proved too much to bear.  The company was auctioned off in pieces; Altran, Cambridge Consultants and Navigant Consulting all absorbed bits of the firm.  The technology and innovation practice of ADL was purchased for $16.5 million by Dr. Kenan Sahin, a professor who shared Arthur Little's alma mater, MIT.  Sahin had become incredibly successful with Kenan Systems, a telecommunications software company.  When Kenan Systems was bought by Lucent in 2000, Sahin began looking for a new project: He renamed his new acquisition TIAX, an abbreviation of the company's tagline, "technology and innovation applications to the power of X."

The greening of TIAX 

TIAX promotes its services in the areas of appliances and building systems, automotive and transportation, chemicals and materials, consumer products, energy and power, food and food service, and health care.  But no matter the industry, the true strengths of the firm lie in three specific areas: materials science, energy operations and operations research.  TIAX became heavily involved in the "greening" of government operations in the late 1990s, when it began researching and doing cost analyses on the feasibility of PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cells, an essential element of hydrogen-powered vehicles.  TIAX built upon this early success by entering into related markets; in July 2005, it was awarded a contract by the Gateway Cities Clean Air Program (a Los Angeles-based organization).  The engagement involved retrofitting trucks with equipment to reduce diesel exhaust emissions, as well as setting up a system to ensure that the trucks continued to run cleanly.  TIAX developed an application that used global positioning system boxes in the trucks to monitor their activity and level of emissions.

Following this engagement, the firm continued to win contracts in the energy and transportation industry.  In January 2006, TIAX signed a deal similar to the Gateway project to monitor truck emissions associated with the port of Oakland.  In February 2006, the firm completed a study for the Department of Energy, which wanted to appraise how commercial buildings could cut down on energy usage.  A similar study in April 2006 focused on energy usage in residential areas.  The surprise there was that the desktop PCs have an even greater impact on energy consumption than was previously thought, comprising almost 70 percent of total energy usage.  Then, in October 2006, TIAX signed a $400,000 deal, also with the DOE to develop a sensor crucial to the future of extremely fuel efficient "low-temperature combustion" engines, a sparkless system that is an advanced, 21st-century version of the diesel engine.  TIAX has committed much of its resources to producing more efficient and cleaner technologies, banking on companies seeing that money invested in these areas will lead to cost savings down the line.  In May 2006, TIAX announced that it had produced "ultimate" metal hydride slurry or, in other words, a carrier agent that can transport the hydrogen through pipelines safely and with less cost.

Chasing the latest flow

In 2009 TIAX sold what was touted as the world's most advanced adiabatic reaction calorimeters to NETZSCH.  Included in the sale are TIAX's accelerating rate calorimeters (ARC) and automatic pressure tracking adiabatic calorimeters (APTAC).  It was also in 2009 when the Army designated TIAX to develop an advanced articulated soldier knee and elbow protection system.  This innovation will minimize soldiers' injuries.  In March 2010, all of the nation's prime contributors in the energy development and innovation gathered at the APRA-E-Energy Innovations Summit.  The participants include government officials, scientists, researchers, VC investors, businesspersons and big corporations, among others.  During the affair, TIAX introduced its advanced nano-silicon engineered electrode technology for lithium-ion batteries. 

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