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About Tata Consultancy Services Europe

The rise and rise of Tata

When you're one of almost 100 companies that forms the giant Tata Group conglomerate, it's difficult to stand out from the crowd.  Little wonder, then, that Tata Consultancy Services has its sights firmly set on becoming one of the top-10 consulting firms in the world.  And there's no reason to think that it won't get there: It's already the largest IT services provider in India, and employs some 130,000 consultants in 142 offices across 42 countries.

Having started life as a provider of low-cost employment outsourcing (a/k/a cheap labour), it should come as little surprise that one of TCS' core service offerings to this day is outsourcing.  In addition to this, the firm has two further consulting strands, IT services and business solutions, which together are parcelled up and delivered through the firm's unique, proprietary global delivery model.  That model is "recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development", according to the firm.  

All that capability would be wasted without clients, of course, and the firm also has these in abundance, spread across industries including banking and financial services, insurance, telecoms, media and entertainment, government, health care and life sciences, energy and utilities, retail and consumer packaged goods, travel and hospitality, manufacturing and high technology.

UK and Ireland, not "Europe"

TCS has 18 offices in Europe, a figure that includes a development centre in Hungary and a private banking centre in Luxembourg, but not its holdings in the UK and Ireland, which the firm classes as a separate geographic entity to its European affairs.  While that description may be appealing to certain members of the British political classes looking to turn the clock back to a pre-EU world, it seems likely that TCS' reasoning is based more on when it arrived in each theatre of operations, rather than any attempt to rewrite the political landscape of the region.  While the consultancy has been operating in mainland Europe since the late 1980s, it has an extra decade of experience in the UK and Ireland, and a considerably bigger footprint there.  Indeed, while the firm employs more than 1,300 consultants in "Europe", the English-speaking part of the region boasts some 4,800 staff, distributed between a network of just six offices, but more than 65 client sites.  Little wonder, then, that the firm chooses not to make tracking its operations there any more complicated, especially as it also owns and operates a subsidiary consulting firm in the UK, Diligenta Ltd, which boasts a further 950 employees and specialises in outsourcing for financial services firms.
Within the TCS' UK holdings is an "innovation lab", located in Peterborough.  Part of the firm's UK subsidiary Diligenta, the lab is the only one of its kind in Europe, and out of 16 such facilities owned by TCS, is one of only five outside of India.  The function of the labs is to provide environments for finding solutions for TCS customers, giving them cost-effective access to a team of experts in TCS' core competencies.  While each location has its own particular specialities, the Peterborough lab focusses largely on browser-based Web 2.0 technologies, as well as utility computing and RFID (chips, tags, labels, readers and middleware).

Going global

While TCS is active all around the world, its business model is built on providing cost-effective operations for clients and, as such, tends to prosper in areas where employment cost savings can be achieved.  As such, the consultancy has extensive operations in Asia and a sizeable presence in South America, with Uruguay in particular operating as a booming market for the firm, as it utilises the Spanish-speaking workforce to serve clients in Spain.  

That global presence, meanwhile, relies on TCS' global delivery model, which has three integrated components: a global workforce, integrated processes and a multi-tiered infrastructure.  Each of these components combines to allow the firm to deliver lower-cost results to clients by simultaneously working on projects around the globe.  As evidence of the model's success, the firm points to client satisfaction ratings of 89 per cent, compared with cost variations averaging just 3 per cent.

Tata Consultancy Services Europe

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Phone: +44 (0)207 245 1800
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  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: TCS
  • Stock Exchange: NSE
  • CEO & Managing Director: Subramanian Ramadorai
  • 2009 Employees: 143,000

Key Financials

  • 2009 Revenue: $6,000 million