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A division of SunGard Financial Systems-which is itself a subsidiary of SunGard Data Systems-SunGard Consulting Services provides independent business and technology consulting in the financial services and energy industries.  The majority of the consulting arm's work is helping firms around the world identify the right technology strategy for their business, whether that involves navigating regulatory requirements, developing proprietary software or integrating off-the-shelf products; the parent firm is a global leader in software and processing solutions across financial services. Its consultants offer deep domain and technology expertise as well as unparalleled insight into SunGard's solutions. 

The consulting services group is a relative newcomer to SunGard, having only been acquired in 2002 (the parent firm dates back to 1982).  Prior to that, it operated as EnFORM Technology, an energy-tech consultancy based in Houston that was started by a group of ex-big five consultants. By leveraging its parent firm's sizable distribution channel, SunGard Consulting Services has since emerged as a major global player, leveraging SunGard's global delivery model with offshore solution centers in India, China and Tunisia. 

The back end of banking

SunGard Consulting Services ranks some of the world's largest financial services corporations among its clients.  For these companies, SunGard consultants do everything required to integrate technology with the clients' business-which often involves SunGard's proprietary methodologies.  Its services range from regulatory and risk management to data warehousing, systems integration, custom application development and package implementation.

One high-profile client that benefited from a range of SunGard's services was the New York Stock Exchange.  Working with SunGard in a joint development, the NYSE developed data management solutions for the market data, news and alert capabilities it offers through its NYSE Market Access Center.  The center provides real-time access to trading information and news, and utilizes real-time services (including a data feed) from SunGard.  In addition to providing the feed and other charting and reporting capabilities, the SunGard system offers a complex alert system that delivers results to wireless devices.  While a SunGard software team performed much of the work on the project in terms of software development and the like, its consulting services division also had a significant role to play-namely in providing services such as project management, requirements analysis and change management.  According to the firm, it also provided integration expertise in terms of connectivity and ASP delivery, user acceptance testing and final launch. 

Powering up

Energy is SunGard Consulting's other major practice area.  Hardly surprising given its history in the industry, and even SunGard's as a whole; formed in a 1982 leveraged buyout of Sun Oil Company, energy has always been the lifeblood  of the firm's profits and expertise.  Specifically, SunGard Consulting Services serves utilities, retailers, wholesalers, and integrated energy and commodity companies, as well as market participants such as banks, hedge funds, traders, and nonintegrated energy companies and exchanges. SunGard consultants offer advice and technical expertise across the board.  For corporations, consultants help reduce costly inefficiencies resulting from outdated infrastructure, ignorant trading strategies, and more.  For example, the ever-changing nature of energy regulation, like Dodd-Frank Title VII, demands an intimate understanding of what is and is not compliant; as the United States seeks cleaner, homegrown energy alternatives, SunGard Consulting Services will be among the major advisors and providers of innovative technologies.  


May 2013 

SunGard Helps Natural Gas Market Participants Attain Agile Growth & Smarter Operations Amid Evolving Market Trends

The natural gas market is undergoing rapid change, fueled by abundant natural gas supply, improved recovery technologies and lower gas prices. While this change will offer substantial opportunity for gas producers, traders, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) merchants, the complexity of this evolving global market will require market participants to adapt their business models to manage new risks, implement smarter more efficient operations and develop agility for global growth. Read more 

December 2012 

Spotting Trends, Predicting the Future

A SunGard article identified ten trends in managed services and outsourcing for financial institutions and corporations in 2013. Kalpesh Master, managing partner for managed services, SunGard's consulting services business, said, "As cost pressures and regulatory requirements continue to challenge financial institutions' and corporations' ability to grow revenue, they are looking to trusted outsourcing providers for additional managed services." Read more at SunGard

November 2012

SunGard Identifies Ten Ways that the Dodd-Frank Act is Affecting the Energy Industry

Sid Jacobson, partner in the energy and utilities consulting business of SunGard Consulting Services, said, "Swap market regulations like those found in the Dodd-Frank Act are expected to change the way the energy industry does business, especially in terms of transaction life cycle decisions, data and processes." Read more at SunGard

June 2012 

SunGard Identifies Ten "Big Data" Trends Transforming Financial Services:

Neil Palmer, partner of SunGard's consulting services' advanced technology business, said, "Financial services firms are consolidating data traditionally managed in silos in order to analyze risk exposure, comply with regulatory mandates, and use the data for multiple purposes." Read more at SunGard

SunGard Named Regulatory Advisory Firm of the Year by Energy Risk:
SunGard's energy consulting services practicewas named "Regulatory Advisory Firm of the Year" by Energy Risk Magazine. This distinction recognizes both SunGard's deep consulting expertise and unique transaction monitoring and surveillance service offering.  Read more at SunGard.

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SunGard Consulting Services

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  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • CEO: Russell P. Fradin
  • 2013 Employees: 17,000

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