The Vault Review


  • "Flexible work hours."
  • "Credible. Honest. Fair."
  • "The freedom to do my job and the respect that I receive."
  • "Commitment from the owners to each employee."


  • "State of DoD acquisition process."
  • "No formal education plan for employees."
  • "We don't always have the most mature processes in place."
  • "Challenging environment for mid tier company against small and large businesses."

The Buzz

  • Great work-life balance
  • Family feel
  • Limited name recognition outside of defense industry
  • Growth and investment areas outside of government spending – Cloud and Health IT

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: While firms serving the public sector have been enduring hard times of late, Smartronix seems to be navigating the straitened times with comparative ease. Part of that comes down to the...

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