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1.0 of 5 stars

Lots of promises undelivered
March 2015 | Former Employee


People are friendly and overall company culture is relatively casual which is largely driven by Sapient Nitro, company's creative/retail arm. Because of the type of projects and clients, there is very little travel (typically clients are not willing to pay for it).


The project pipeline is very poorly managed and results in long stretches of time "on the beach." Management is extremely cliquish. Compensation is below par vs competitors.

Projects are extremely long (I've known colleagues who have worked for the same client on the same project for several years) which doesn't give you true consulting experience. There is no cross-over between the divisions in terms of project work. Everything is very silod.


Management promises you left and right during the interview process but most of those promises will remain undelivered. Directors (including your supervisor) are unavailable as they are too busy chasing the projects.

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