Patni Computer Systems Ltd.

The Vault Review


  • "Responsibility given earlier than industry standards"
  • Good growth opportunities, and “employees are encouraged to make their own path"
  • "Free hand in suggesting and promoting ideas"
  • "Fun at work"


  • "Reactive instead of proactive"
  • "Onshore/offshore cycle requires working during non-business hours"
  • "No financial investment in future development"
  • The majority of employees are in India, and communication to US counterparts can be weak at times

The Buzz

  • "Quality-focused"
  • "Overrated"
  • "Doers"
  • "Meat grinder"

Survey Says

Conservative roots

The culture at Patni, respondents note, is one of openness.  An experienced consultant says, "I have worked with other companies before joining Patni.  I find the culture over here very conducive, open and growth-oriented." ...

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