The Vault Review


  • "You will never be around so many smart people at once [anywhere else]"
  • "Incredible, interesting problems to solve"
  • Uncontested reputation in the industry


  • "Having the right relationship with your boss is one of the few real ways to progress"
  • Up-or-out culture
  • "A 'corporate' mindset is maybe more required than in other similar companies"

The Buzz

  • "Best of breed"
  • "Known for strategy, not execution"
  • "Uber-selective and sophisticated"
  • "Highly arrogant and stressful culture"

Survey Says


The best and the ... humblest?

"Contrary to the reputation," say insiders, McKinsey has a "great culture."  Staff are universally lauded as being exceptionally smart, but while one might assume that...

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