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About Infosys Consulting Europe

Next-generation consulting

Infosys is an Indian company offering technological and outsourcing services to multinational companies across a host of industries and sectors.  It was one of the first companies to offer what it calls a global delivery model: a system whereby IT solutions are implemented off site at Infosys' offices across the world, resulting in cost and time savings for the client.  With the advent of that system, gone were the days of flying out whole teams of professionals to carry out high-priced, lengthy tech projects.  In 2004, the firm decided to apply the offshoring model to the consulting industry, and begin undercutting the competition through California-based subsidiary Infosys Consulting (IC).  The firm claims to offer the perfect solution for clients working within the confines of a tight budget and/or time constraints; highlighting typical cost savings of up to 35 per cent, the consultancy also claims that its global delivery model delivers project completions faster, hardly surprising given that Infosys consultants can hand off projects to teams in other geographies, meaning the firm can literally work around the clock on engagements.

Going global

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Infosys was set up in 1981 as a provider of technological solutions to Indian firms.  Within six years, it had picked up its first international client, and by 1992, opened the first of its international offices, in Boston, listing itself on the Nasdaq stock exchange the following year, the first Indian company to do so.  Subsequent offices in Canada, Europe, Asia and South America followed, giving the firm a widening global foothold.  With an initial investment of $20 million, the consulting arm was set up in 2004, with former Deloitte Senior Partner Stephen Pratt taking the helm and charged with making the new concept of globally delivered consulting a success.  Pratt has over 20 years of consulting experience at IC, Deloitte Consulting and Booz, Allen & Hamilton, and was named one of the top-25 consultants by Consulting magazine in 2003.

IC's service areas are information and technology strategies, product innovation, next-generation commerce, core process excellence, and learning and complex change, and works across a broad spectrum of industries.  Notable multinational clients include American Express, Boeing, Apple, ABB and J.C. Penney.

If there's one area where IC could use a boost, it's in its European dealings, it's somewhat light on the ground on the continent, generating most of its business across the Atlantic in the United States.  That's not necessarily a problem, given the size of the US market, although it does leave IC exposed to fluctuations in the value of the dollar, not to mention the fact that the consulting unit has yet to register a profit since its founding.  With organic growth happening at a less rapid pace than is required to make the unit profitable, the firm has toyed with a couple of acquisition attempts in recent years.  While they've all been ultimately unsuccessful, they've also demonstrated that Infosys is not only serious about expanding its consulting capabilities, but in doing so in a manner it can afford.  In light of the economic meltdown, that appears ever more prescient by the day.

Stealing from the competition

IC is essentially a separate entity from its parent, with its own culture and human resources department, which has already established a policy of hiring only the top 5 per cent of consultants from across the globe.  Many could argue that IC is fortunate to have this luxury of ready cash from its parent enabling it to do this, given the tough competition and its relative youth within the industry.  Managing Director Romil Bahl even hinted that consultants poached from other companies have been offered raises of up to 40 per cent to come and work for IC (Bahl himself was snatched from EDS in 2004).  These consultants may receive top-notch remuneration, but they still have to prove their worth when it comes to bonuses.  At IC, the success of the client comes first, so much so that bonuses are matched to the performance of client shares in addition to overall client satisfaction.

Infosys Consulting Europe

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  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: INFY
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  • CEO: Stephen R. Pratt
  • 2009 Employees: 100,000