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4.0 of 5 stars

Great launchpad for career: get the experience and move on
December 2014 | Current Employee


Very talented consultants who are at the top of their fields and are willing to mentor junior talent who expresses interest
Strong brand name in the industry
Solid management
Plenty of exposure to technological areas or industries to carve out a specialty for yourself
Good opportunities for switching out of consulting to other firms, or into industry
Well-defined career path


Network can be your undoing if not done properly
Salary is sub-par for the amount of work expected from you. It seems the only ones making any money are partners
External training support is limited for a company that sells its people
Getting the firm to spend a few thousand on training its people (classes or software) is an uphill battle


Network with practitioners before, during and after the recruitment process. People are open and willing to go for a coffee to get to know you - all it takes is one person to bring your name forth to the recruitment committee and you will have an interview

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