The Vault Review


  • "Brilliant balance that maintains a strong culture within the consultancy, while none of us feel like outsiders at the client either."
  • "They fully support me as an employee and as a person."
  • "Flexibility, compensation, continuing education."
  • "Smartest people I have ever worked with."


  • "No ability to travel the world."
  • "Still operates at times like a small firm but is maturing."
  • "There is a lot of competition for promotions."
  • "Client teams are smaller than at some of the bigger firms."

The Buzz

  • "Innovative technology."
  • "Delivery."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Over the past decade and a half, CapTech has been building a reputation as an IT consulting firm that puts its employees first. That effort has been rewarded, with the firm now acknowledged...

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