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  • The world's #1 specialty coffee retailer, with more than 17,000 coffee shops in about 50 countries and more than $11 billion in annual sales
  • Well-known brand


  • Great pressure to hold down prices in the face of a sluggish economy and rising food commodity costs
  • Aggressive domestic and international expansion may lead a de-emphasis of service, which analysts blamed for prior business slowdown
  • Low salaries to baristas and other store employees

The Bottom Line

  • Starbucks is the top company in its sector, and with its great reach and planned expansion into China and possibly India it is well positioned to keep its top ranking for the foreseeable future.

Quality Of Life

Starbucks projects itself as a green company that wants to help solve the world's problems. To many employees, this branding is at odds with how it pays its store-bound workers. Wall Street loves Starbucks because of the success of its stock, but investors and management worry that if the...

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