QuikTrip provides a quick fix for those on the go. QuikTrip (QT) owns and operates about 690 gasoline/convenience stores in nearly a dozen states, mostly in the central US. QT stores, which average 4,600 sq. ft., feature the company's own QT brand of gas and diesel fuel, as well as brand-name beverages, candy, and tobacco, and QT's Quik 'n Tasty and HOTZI lines of sandwiches. QT's 15-plus travel centers offer scales, food, fuel, showers, and other services for truckers. The firm's FleetMaster program offers commercial trucking companies detailed reports showing drivers' product purchases, amounts spent, and odometer readings. Privately-owned QT was co-founded in 1958 by chairman Chester Cadieux. 

Geographic Reach

Tulsa-based QuikTrip has stores in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. The chain's largest markets are Georgia, Missouri, Texas, and Arizona, home to more than two-thirds of its stores.


QuikTrip supplies its retail stores with food from its QT Distribution (QTD) subsidiary. More than 70% of the food products sold at QT stores are delivered by QTD, which has warehouses in Arizona, Georgia, and Phoenix.

Financial Performance

QuikTrip ranks as one of America's largest private companies, as reported by Forbes, with sales of $11.2 billion in fiscal 2013 (ended April), up from $10.7 billion the prior year.


Fast-growing QuikTrip is expanding from its strong base in the Atlanta area to the Carolinas and beyond. In 2012 the chain opened its 600th store, and has since added nearly 100 more locations in the South and Midwest, including growing central Iowa, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where it currently operates more than 80 locations. Most of the new stores conform to the company's "Gen 3" format, the chain's newest store design. Gen 3 stores are larger than older QuikTrip stores, have multiple entrances, and offer outdoor seating. To drive indoor sales, QT, like many other convenience store operators, has turned to food (to make up for declining tobacco sales). After launching QT Kitchens in the mid-2000s, the venture operates five commissaries (in Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Tulsa) that serve all of the company's stores. Also, select stores, including at least four in the Wichita area, are being outfitted with in-house kitchens.


QuikTrip is a privately held company. Chet Cadieux, son of the founder, runs the firm.

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4705 S 129th East Ave
Tulsa, OK 74134-7008
Phone: 1 (918) 615-7700
Fax: 1 (918) 615-7377


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Chairman, President, and CEO: Chester Cadieux
  • VP & CFO: Stuart Sullivan
  • Director of Technology and CIO: Chris Truesdell

Major Office Locations

  • Tulsa, OK

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