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Unprofessional and Insensitive.

1.0 of 5 stars



The benefits are not too bad, and IPS is nice.


Management is EXTREMELY unprofessional (see comments below...) and employees are not valued as people.

Advice to Candidates

Management is super unprofessional. I attempted to submit my two weeks notice, after working there for two years, due to not being "allowed" to apply for better/higher opportunities within the company and was "terminated" within five minutes of submitting my notice. I have a bachelor's degree and only took this position on the premise that it was a "springboard for a higher position," as I was told in the interview. I was denied the opportunity (by my manager) twice to apply for higher positions in other departments that related to my degree better.

In addition, my direct manager was intolerant, insensitive, and racist. I am white, but was still frequently made uncomfortable due to numerous jokes about other races and disabilities. My manager also made derogatory comments about people in other departments and allowed and encouraged others to do so as well. I did not participate in these activities and was generally made to feel unfavorable and excluded.