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Internship at Amazon

5.0 of 5 stars



Great opportunity for understanding the company.
- Very warm and supportive people.
- Go get it, attitude - which i loved.
- Extremely smart people.
- Very very number driven.
- very minimal red tapism


difficult to find information, you need to figure out who is the right person to ask by yourself.
- lot of parallel and redundant projects.


It is a great company to work for, the learning curve is pretty fast and sharp. Caution - Amazon is not for everyone, you will definitely face a love-hate relationship.

One of the worst tech companies to work for.

1.0 of 5 stars



1. Amazon truly cares about customer satisfaction.
2. They attempt to innovate whenever possible.


1. Managers typically don't care about helping their employees progress in their careers.
2. Long work hours with a 24/7 oncall policy in place.
3. To save money, the company typically uses outdated software to power their infrastructure, making it VERY hard to build new things, or to improve/fix the existing systems.
4. Most software engineers constantly argue with each other over trivial matters.
5. No perks.
6. Poor benefits compared to other top tech companies.
7. Very few holidays and days off compared to other tech companies.
8. The company is constantly playing catch-up to other tech companies, in regards to innovation.


Most SDEs (Software Development Engineers) last only 1 year to keep to hiring bonus, but it's a very stressful and soul crushing year. Most managers don't care about their employees so advancement is extremely hard to accomplish. In addition, most SDEs are very intelligent, but are CONSTANTLY fighting with each other over email, chat and even in person. Simply put, Amazon isn't a great place to work, it isn't even a good place to work. Go somewhere else and be happy.

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