Yes, they are cute, but Taconic Farms prefers that you don't pet their animals. The family-owned company provides research rodents and related products and services to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, government agencies, and academic institutions in Asia, Europe, and North America through its facilities in Denmark, Germany, and the US. Taconic specially breeds rats and mice, the workhorses of the biomedical industry, to be disease-free or genetically modified to exhibit certain traits to help researchers develop new therapies for human disease. Other company units offer drug- and animal-safety testing and monoclonal antibody production.


Taconic helps clients acquire, test, develop, breed, cryopreserve, prepare, and distribute highly relevant research lines around the world. It operates a network of breeding facilities and lab sites in the US and Europe and works through partners and licensees in the Netherlands, Japan, India, and Singapore. Besides providing precisely defined animal models, the company offers supporting services that include generating custom models, contract research, compound profiling, phenotyping, imaging studies, and surgical services. It also maintains an interactive library and provides a broad range of scientific presentations through its website. More than 1,300 companies and research facilities in nearly 50 countries use Taconic's products and services.

Geographic Reach

The company operates its own facilities in the US, Denmark, and Germany. It partners with CLEA Japan, Vivo Bio Tech, InVivos, and InnoSer to breed its animals in Japan, India, Singapore, and the Netherlands, respectively. Additionally, it has account managers in Africa, Australia, South America, and China.

Sales and Marketing

The company's customers include the Barth Syndrome Foundation, Duke University Medical Center, McMaster University, Sanford Burnham Medical Research, and the University of Minnesota.


Taconic invests in expanding and enhancing its facilities to ensure that it responds to investigators' needs for innovative models and supporting services. It reinvests its profits into the animal facilities, laboratories, and technologies.

The company expands its offerings through partnerships. In 2013 Taconic and Yecuris signed an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement to provide access to the Yecuris FRG KO animal portfolio. The deal allows Taconic to promote and sell Yecuris' FRG primary cell xenograft animal models and HepaCur human primary hepatocytes for use in vivo and in vitro applications.

Strengthening Taconic's tADMET portfolio of models, increasing its market visibility and gaining entrance into new markets for its hepatocyte cell strains, in 2013 the company formed a marketing and distribution agreement through which Taconic will promote and sell human primary upycte Hepatocyte cell strains and corresponding media developed by Medicyte for in vitro applications.

In another partnership deal, in 2012 the company granted rights for CLEA Japan (a major supplier of laboratory rodents, animal diets and equipment) to produce Taconic rats and mice in Japan. In return, Taconic is allowed to produce CLEA's rats and mice in Europe and North America.

That year the Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA) granted rights for Taconic to produce and distribute mice developed by CIEA scientists.

Company Background

While Taconic remains in Phelan family control, the company appointed its first non-family member to lead the company in 2009. The move signified the company's shift to bringing up non-family executives as part of its plan for executive development.

Taconic was founded in 1952 by Robert Phelan.

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1 Hudson City Ctr
Hudson, NY 12534-2354
Phone: 1 (609) 860-0806


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Director Global Marketing: Gavin Cooper
  • Specialist Order Management: Deborah Hotaling
  • President and Chief Executive Officer; General Manager, Translational Models and Solutions: Todd Little
  • Employees: 720

Major Office Locations

  • Hudson, NY

Other Locations

  • Oxnard, CA
  • Germantown, NY
  • Rensselaer, NY
  • Borup, Denmark
  • Lille Skensved, Denmark