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From rockers and rollers to spinners and shakers, New Brunswick Scientific (NBS) designs and manufactures instruments that have the biotech industry all shook up. NBS' equipment and software help scientists create, measure, and control conditions for growing and detecting microorganisms. NBS makes the INNOVA line of shakers, as well as fermentors, bioreactors, freezers, incubators, sterilizers, and other equipment. The company sells to research institutes, universities, and pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural firms worldwide. It also provides contract laboratory services when a company is too busy to cook up its own cells. NBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of laboratory equipment maker Eppendorf Group.

Eppendorf, based in Germany, makes pipettes and centrifuges, as well as automated liquid handling and DNA amplification systems used by biotech researchers. NBS operates as part of Eppendorf's international division.

NBS sells its equipment throughout the US using Eppendorf's sales force. Internationally, the firm also makes use of its larger parent's resources, selling through its own and Eppendorf's various locations, as well as through equipment dealers. Worldwide sites include those in Asia and Europe.

NBS has a joint venture with water filtration company Pall to create and market disposable bioreactor systems that can be used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. The JV also expands NBS' manufacturing abilities. NBS dedicated its entire sales force to selling its fermentor and bioreactor systems; at the same time it began using Eppendorf's sales representatives for all other product sales.

Along with sharing sales expertise, NBS and Eppendorf share research and development efforts. The company's CelliGen BLU cell culture bioreactor is the result of a collaboration between the two firms, which intend to work together to research and develop new products in the future.

Brothers David and Sigmund Freedman founded NBS in 1946; prior to its acquisition by Eppendorf in 2007, their families owned about one-quarter of the firm. David Freedman died in 2010 at the age of 89. As co-founder, former president, CEO, and board chairman of NBS, Freedman helped to design, manufacture, and sell the equipment marketed by the company for the growth, detection and storage of cells.

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Eppendorf, Inc.

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  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • Chairman: David Freedman
  • Programmer Analyst: Richard Leslie
  • President: Kirti Patel
  • Employees: 437

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