About Mylan Specialty L.P.

When a peanut or a bee threatens your very existence, Mylan Specialty (formerly Dey Pharma) is ready to save the day. Its specialty prescription drugs treat severe allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, and pschyiatric disorders. It markets EpiPen autoinjectors used by patients to self-administer epinephrine in case of allergic emergencies (anaphylaxis). Its premeasured unit-dose inhalation products include bronchodialators use to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Brands include the EasiVent and Perforomist breathing devices. A subsidiary of generic giant Mylan, Mylan Specialty also offers non-branded generic nebulizer treatments and the Emsam transdermal antidepressant patch.


The EpiPen is Mylan Specialty's top-selling product, accounting for more than half of sales and is the most-prescribed treatment for severe allergic reactions in the US. The epinephrine auto-injector is a matter of life and death for some, and commands more than 95% of the US market share. Meridian Medical Technologies manufactures the EpiPen for the company.

Mylan Specialty's facilities manufacture nebulized products including Perforomist, DuoNeb, AccuNeb, and generic albuterol. Perforomist, used in the treatment of COPD, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema is another top seller for the company. Mylan Specialty uses existing respiratory treatments to develop its patented products using its drug delivery technologies.

Geographic Reach

Mylan Specialty has facilities in California, New Jersey, Texas, and West Virginia. The company sells its products in about 150 countries and territories.

Sales and Marketing

Mylan Specialty markets its products in the US through a dedicated sales force that sells to office-based physicians, hospitals, and distribution chain organizations (including wholesalers and pharmacists). It markets its products outside the US through a network of distributors, some of which are Mylan Specialty affiliates.

Financial Performance

The company's revenue grew by 27% in 2011 due to an increase in third party revenue and growth in sales of the EpiPen Auto-Injector and of Perforomist.


The Emsam patch is the result of Mylan Specialty's attempts to diversify its product lines. The selegiline transdermal system is in a class of anti-depressants called MAOIs (or monoamine oxidase inhibitors) and is administered via a skin patch. Emsam is manufactured by Mylan subsidiary, Mylan Technologies.

In 2012 Mylan changed the company's name from Dey Pharma to Mylan Specialty as part of its efforts to align operations under the Mylan brand.

In late 2010, the company agreed to pay $280 million to settle claims that it reported false prices for several of its generic asthma treatments. The case filed by the Department of Justice claimed that it had inflated the prices of certain products so programs such as Medicare and Medicaid would pay higher reimbursements to the physicians who prescribed them. The company did not say that agreeing to the settlement was an admission of guilt.

Company Background

Dey Pharma started out in 1978 as a purely generic drug maker, but has expanded over the years to include branded products. It was acquired by Mylan in 2007 from Merk KGaA.

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Mylan Specialty L.P.

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  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • 2012 Employees: 1,000

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