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Illumina elucidates the human genome. The firm makes tools used by life sciences and drug researchers to isolate and analyze genes. Its systems include the machinery and the software used to sequence pieces of DNA and RNA, and the means to put them through large-scale testing of genetic variation and biological function. Its proprietary BeadArray technology uses microscopic glass beads which can carry samples through the genotyping process. The tests allow medical researchers to determine what genetic combinations are associated with various diseases, enabling faster diagnosis, better drugs, and individualized treatment. Customers include pharma and biotech companies, research centers, and academic institutions.


Illumina's technologies also provide reproductive health solutions including preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, noninvasive prenatal testing, and neonatal health testing.

For customers who choose not to buy its systems and consumables, Illumina offers outsourced life science research services such as genome sequencing and genotyping array services. Customers for such services include schools, agricultural and energy biotech research firms, and drug development companies. In addition, the company has a consumer genomics unit to meet the growing demand for personal genome sequencing through physician intermediaries. And while most of the company's revenues come from providing life sciences equipment and services, Illumina has also established a small business in the field of molecular diagnostics, which uses genetic biomarkers to diagnose clinical health conditions.

Geographic Reach

Illumina gets about half of its annual revenues from sales in the US market. Other key regions include Europe (25% of sales) and the Asia/Pacific region (18%), as well as Latin America and Canada. The company has increased revenues across all geographic markets in recent years.

Sales and Marketing

The company's customers include genomic research centers, universities, government labs, hospitals, reference laboratories, and private sector clients including pharmaceuticals, biotech firms, agrigenomics (livestock genetics testing) firms, commercial molecular diagnostic companies, and consumer genomics firms. It sells through life-science distributors in certain markets in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the Asia/Pacific region, and South Africa.

In 2014 Illumina spent $16.4 million on advertising, up from $14.5 million in 2013 and $10.5 million in 2012.

Financial Performance

Illumina has steadily augmented its life sciences product lines, and has experienced rapidly climbing revenues in recent years as a result. The company reported a 31% increase in sales in 2014 to some $1.8 billion due to increased instrument sales (due to new product launches HiSeq X Ten and NextSeq) and consumable sales (driven by a higher base of installed equipment), as well as a rise in its sequencing services segment as its installed base continues to grow.

Net increased more than doubled in 2014, rising 182% to $353 million versus $125 million in 2013. The increase was led by the rise in revenue, as well as a gain from legal contingencies related to an intellectual property settlement with pharmaceutical firm Syntrix.

However, profits dropped by more than 15% to some $125 million that year due to increased operating expenses from sales and marketing efforts and R&D programs as Illumina continues to invest in the growth of the business. Cash flow from operations grew 30% to $501 million that year as a result of higher profits and an increase in cash provided by accrued liabilities.


Illumina makes significant investments in research and development to make its systems faster, more advanced, and more affordable. (R&D expenses in 2014 were $388.1 million, up from $276.7 million in 2013.) In early 2014 it upgraded its HiSeq X Ten and NextSeq 500 platforms with improved technology. In 2013 the company introduced a simpler gene sequencing panel and a new genome sequencing technology to help doctors identify genetic causes for rare or undiagnosed diseases, among other products.

In 2015 the company launched TruSight HLA, an end-to-end sequencing panel that sequences 11 human leikocyte antigen genes for accurate typing. It also launched the NeoPrep Library Prep Sytem to help sequencing-ready libraries prepare for next-generation sequencing.

Illumina is also focused on expanding use of its genomics products into reproductive health, oncology, and other clinical and research markets. It has several products in the pipeline to address these markets.

As part of its strategy to develop and identify new products and services, the company also seeks suitable products, technologies, and companies as candidates for acquisition. It also strikes up partnerships to expand its offerings. In 2015, for example, it formed a collaboration with Merck Serono (Merck's biopharmaceutical arm) to develop a next-generation sequencing-based oncology diagnostic. Also that year it formed an alliance with Lockheed Martin to develop affordable genomics solutions to provide personalized health care for national populations. In 2014 entered separate agreements with bioMériux, Biomnis, Genoma, and the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics Martinsried.

Expanding into Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Illumina established a relationship with Moscow-based life science distributor Albiogen in 2014.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions that have enhanced Illumina's offerings include the 2014 purchase of Myraqa (in-vitro diagnostics, particularly companion diagnostics) and the 2013 purchases of NextBio (clinical and genomic informatics), Advanced Liquid Logic (digital microfluidics and liquid handling), and Varinata Health (which markets the verifi prenatal test for high-risk pregnancies).

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Illumina, Inc.

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  • Employer Type: Public
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  • Executive Chairman: Jay T. Flatley
  • EVP Operations, Product, and Strategy: Omead Ostadan
  • 2017 Employees: 5,500

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