Fougera Pharmaceuticals (formerly Nycomed US) is focused on making specialty topical and dermatology medicines for North Americans. The company's E. Fougera & Company division primarily makes generic topical steroids, antibiotics, and antifungals for both prescription and OTC markets, while the PharmaDerm unit develops, manufactures, and markets branded prescription dermatology products. Its smaller Savage Laboratories unit makes prescription topicals for the emergency care market. Fougera separated from former parent Nycomed International in 2011 when it was bought by an investment group led by Nordic Capital. The firm's independence didn't last long, however, as the investors sold Fougera to Sandoz in 2012.

Top global generic drug firm Sandoz purchased Fougera to strengthen its dermatology offerings. Following the $1.5 billion acquisition, the new Sandoz dermatology organization is the largest in the world, and Sandoz aims to extend Fougera's North American product base into international markets. Fougera itself benefits from access to the broader global distribution and sales network of Sandoz (and its parent Novartis). Following transaction, Fougera became part of the US-based Sandoz Inc. division. Its main New York location becomes the headquarters for Sandoz's global dermatology operations.

Fougera operates two manufacturing facilities in New York State. The company's PharmaDerm prescription products are marketed to health care professionals (especially dermatologists) through its direct sales force (located in New York), while Fougera & Co.'s generic offerings are supplied by sales representatives (located in New Jersey) and through wholesale distributors and retail outlets. Savage Labs sells surgical lubricant Surgilube and emergency cardiology ointment Nitro-Bid to hospital pharmacies; it stopped marketing two other products, Crofab (antivenin for snake bites) and Digifab (an antidote for digitalis poisoning) in 2010 when marketing rights were returned to BTG

Despite undergoing multiple ownership changes, the company has grown its operations over the years through both internal research and development efforts and through selective acquisitions. In 2008 it purchased and integrated Bradley Pharmaceuticals, adding acne medications and hemorrhoid treatments. Previous growth efforts include the acquisition of the US dermatology business of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, which added corticosteroid Aclovate, anti-inflammatory Cutivate, and antibiotic Emgel, among other products.

Formerly owned by ALTANA AG, the company (then named Altana Inc.) was bought by Nycomed in 2007, along with ALTANA AG's other pharmaceutical operations, and was renamed Nycomed US. In September 2011 Nycomed International was acquired by Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical for €9.6 billion ($14 billion); however, the autonomous Nycomed US business didn't fit into Takeda's global growth strategy and was excluded from the deal. Following Nycomed International's acquisition by Takeda, Nycomed US changed its name to Fougera Pharmaceuticals. The firm was owned by the same private investor group (including Nordic Capital, Credit Suisse, Collier International, and Avista Capital Partners) that previously owned Nycomed International; the investor group sold Fougera to Sandoz less than a year later. 

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60 Baylis Rd
Melville, NY 11747-3838
Phone: 1 (631) 454-7677
Fax: 1 (631) 4201572


  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • Chb: Don Degolyer
  • SVP and General Manager, Fougera: David Klaum
  • VP and CIO: Shauna Tholen

Major Office Locations

  • Melville, NY
  • Melville, NY

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