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Multi-level marketer Nu Skin Enterprises keeps itself busy exfoliating and polishing. It offers 200-plus personal care products, including cleansers, toners, and anti-aging skin care products, through a global network of 950,000 independent distributors, sales reps, and preferred customers. It also sells cosmetics, fragrances, hair care items, and mouthwash. Nu Skin has its foot in the door in 50-plus global markets, including cherished China. Its Pharmanex unit sells LifePak nutritional supplements. Its Big Planet subsidiary offers personal and small-business technology and communications products, as well as Internet and long-distance services. Nu Skin was founded in 1984 by its former chairman Blake Roney.

Geographic Reach

Geographically diverse Nu Skin rings up almost 90% of its sales outside the US. Japan is the company's largest market accounting for more than 20% of sales. Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) is an important growth market for Nu Skin, accounting for about 25% of sales.


The company operates through two primary business segments: Nu Skin (55% of sales), its proprietary brand of anti-aging personal care products, including the ageLOC line of skin care and nutritional items; and Pharmanex, distributor of the LifePak brand and other nutritional supplements.

Sales and Marketing

Nu Skin relies on person-to-person marketing -- rather than traditional media advertising or direct marketing campaigns -- to sell its personal care and other products. Its cadre of nearly 950,000 active distributors and consumers purchase products directly from the company and resell them. However, Nu Skin employs a different business model in China where it has an employed sales force and contractual sales promoters to sells products in stores.

Financial Performance

In 2012 Nu Skin posted record sales of nearly $2.2 billion, a 24% increase versus 2011. Net income was up 45% over the same period. Sales of Pharmanex brand products rose 28%, outperforming the Nu Skin line (up a robust 22%). The company credited the strong sales performance to sustained interest in its products, including ageLOC anti-aging potions, and growth of its independent distributor force, particularly in emerging markets such as China, South Asia, and Korea. Sales in Greater China, an emerging and important market for the company, rose 67% in 2012 compared with 2011, while sales in the South Asia/Pacific region climbed 40%. The company credited the recent global launch of its ageLOC anti-aging line of products for much of the growth. Indeed, Nu Skin's sales, profits, and cash flow from operations have posted steady gains, with revenue growth accelerating in recent years.


Nu Skin is betting on rapid growth in the global anti-aging market as Baby Boomers in the US and skin-obsessed women in Asia fuel demand for its products. Since entering China in 2003, the company has expanded to more than 50 cities in 15 provinces. Indeed, the company has big plans for the Chinese market, including tripling the number of stores and sale support centers there by 2017. To meet increasing demand in China, the company is expanding its manufacturing capacity there.

To fuel sales growth the company is developing new ageLOC anti-aging supplements, including a weight management system slated to launch in the second half of 2013. Nu Skin's stream of super-class age-fighters is fed by a scientific collaboration with Wisconsin-based LifeGen Technologies, a research company specializing in the genetic sources of aging. Nu Skin acquired LifeGen for $11.7 million in 2011. The deal aims to further strengthen Nu Skin's share of the global anti-aging market as well as its mighty but modest staff of in-house scientists, which have helped to keep the company on the forefront of skin care research. The firm has increased its spending on R&D in recent years from about $9.6 million in 2008 to $14.9  million in 2012.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Nu Skin's acquisition of NOX Technologies in late 2012 gave the company a deeper understanding of the aging process through its arNOX age-related protein. Buying the Malvern, Pennsylvania-based biotechnology and biodiagnostic company for $12.5 million brought onboard technology and patents, including those previously licensed and utilized in connection with Nu Skin's anti-aging research efforts.   

Nu Skin in 2011 invested in its Utah headquarters by acquiring the building and a distribution center from founding stockholders for some $33 million. The move is part of the beauty company's development project in Provo.


Royce & Associates owns more than 12% of the company shares.

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Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

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  • Chairman: Steven J. Lund
  • President, Global Sales and Operations: Ryan Napierski

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