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Founded in 2002, Insight Sourcing Group is a consulting firm that focuses exclusively on strategic sourcing and procurement. Led by alumni of some of the world's top consulting firms, including the likes of Accenture, Deloitte and McKinsey, ISG is privately held and has been growing at a rapid clip ever since its founding.

Around half of the firm's clients are in the Private Equity industry, where ISG has developed something of a reputation for its ability to improve valuations. The rest of the firm's clients meanwhile, are less easy to categorize: they are comprised of everything from mid-sized to large organizations (including Fortune 500 members), across a wide swathe of industries. Those industries include everything from commercial services, retail and medical supplies to manufacturing, financial services and aerospace.

What do they do?

ISG's website points out that, while its client base is incredibly diverse, its "core skills are 'portable' across industry lines, meaning that clients tend to have similar needs when engaging the firm-the need to improve their sourcing and procurement performance, whether by cutting costs, seeking guidance in a new area, or building the expertise in the first place.

A typical project will see the firm involved in transforming a company's cost optimization and procurement-related programs. ISG works on such projects from development to execution, often on a global basis.

Global Partnership

Insight's global reach is greatly expanded by a partnership with Germany-based pricing, procurement and supply-chain experts Kerkhoff Consulting. The tie-up allows Insight's clients to have access to "low cost country-specific sourcing expertise throughout the world for U.S.-based companies, and sourcing and procurement services for the U.S. Operations of European-based companies. Additionally, Kerkhoff's European clients gain access to ISG's proprietary spend analysis program, SpendHQ.

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Insight Sourcing Group

The Waterford Centre
5555 Triangle Parkway, Suite 300
Norcross, GA 30092
Phone: (770) 481-3027
Fax: (770) 481-3028


  • Employer Type: Private
  • President & CEO: Tom Beaty
  • 2013 Employees: 61

  • Employment Contact

    Dann Bohacek, Senior Manager

    Tel: 678-812-2010

  • Major Departments & Practices

    Private Equity Programs

    Procurement Transformation

    Spend Analysis and Cost Optimization Assessment

    Spend Management

    Strategic Sourcing

Major Office Locations

  • Norcross, GA

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