Hoosiers are happy to have their homes provided with gas and water services by Public Utilities of the City of Indianapolis (dba Citizens Energy, and CWA Authority, public charitable trusts). Its Citizens Water unit provides water and wastewater services to 300,000 customers in Indianapolis; Citizens Gas serves more than 266,000 gas customers. Citizens Energy also provides steam heating and chilled water cooling services to about 250 customers through Citizens Thermal Energy. The regional utility also has a small oil production unit (Citizens Oil Division). Its Citizens Resources unit has joint venture stakes in some companies not regulated by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, such as ProLiance Energy.


Citizens Energy operates six business segments: Citizens Gas, Water, Steam, Chilled Water, Oil and Citizens Resources, Steam and Chilled Water. Citizen Resources holds affiliate joint venture interests, including ProLiance Energy, and a number of subsidiaries, including Westfield Gas, a regulated natural gas distribution utility. Citizens Oil has produced more than 6 million barrels of oil since 1969 from Greene County, Indiana. CWA Authority provides wastewater services.

Financial Performance

The company's revenues increased by 50% in 2012 due to an increase in water and wastewater revenues. (The water and wastewater segments which were acquired in August 2011). This growth was offset by a decrease in Westfield Gas and Citizens Gas revenues due to lower usage driven by a warmer winter lower gas cost recovery revenues.


In 2012 Citizens Energy filed a plan with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to create a multistate transportation and industrial fueling business Using liquefied natural gas (LNG), the new Citizens Energy subsidiary will market and sell LNG as a competitive alternative to diesel fuel for use by heavy-duty vehicles and by drilling rigs, marine vessels, and railway locomotives.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Expanding its water and wastewater coverage, in 2013 Citizens Energy (with the cooperation of The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, and the City of Westfield, agreed to transfer Westfield Utilities to Citizens Energy for $91 million.

Responding to the company's efficient operation of its gas utility, in 2011 the Indianapolis City/County Council sold its debt-laden water and wastewater utility (CWA Authority) to Citizens Energy in a $1.9 billion deal. The transaction reshaped the utility's business organization and transformed Citizens Energy into a multiutility.

Company Background

The company was first organized as a public charitable trust in 1887. In a 2008 rebranding, Citizens Gas & Coke Utility changed its operating name to Citizens Energy Group to reflect the company's closing of its old smokestack industry (coke manufacturing operations for steelmakers and smelter) and its new strategic emphasis on energy conservation.

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2020 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46202-1306
Phone: 1 (317) 924-3341
Fax: 1 (317) 927-4372


  • Employer Type: Government Owned
  • Vice President Corporate Development: Aaron Johnson
  • Vice President Information Technology: John Lucas
  • Vice President Customer Relationships: Michael Strohl
  • Employees: 1,100

Major Office Locations

  • Indianapolis, IN

Other Locations

  • Carmel, IN
  • Woonsocket, RI