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  • Sony is a high-profile brand that stands out on the resumes of job seekers.
  • There is plenty of room for advancement at Sony, a corporation that employs more than 168,000 workers across the globe.
  • Sony operates a wide range of divisions so there is plenty to interest an equally wide range of job hunters.


  • Sony Corporation is expected to lose more than $1 billion in 2011, causing uncertainty among employees who fear future layoffs.
  • With such a large company, it is easy for employees to get lost in the shuffle, even when they do good work.

The Bottom Line

  • Bottom line: Sony Corporation remains a top destination for job seekers hoping for careers in entertainment, electronics, computers, music or video-game design.

Quality Of Life

Current and former employees rating Sony anonymously on online job-review sites had both positive and negative comments about the quality of life at the corporation.

On the plus side, employees praised the company for its training programs and for the opportunity it provides...

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