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Consultant ICF International sees opportunity -- and most of its business -- in government spending. The firm advises government entities and businesses on issues related to health, human services, and social programs, as well as defense and homeland security, energy and climate change, and the environment. The company groups its consulting and information technology services into three main categories: advice, implementation, and evaluation and improvement. ICF International has more than 60 offices in Asia, Canada, Europe, and South America. Almost 75% of its total revenue comes from government clients.

Geographic Reach

ICF International has more than 60 offices in Beijing; Brussels; Hong Kong; London; New Delhi, India; Ottawa, Canada; Rio de Janeiro; and the US.

Sales and Marketing

ICF International collects 73% of its revenue from government clients. Three government customers accounted for about 35% of the company's total revenues in 2012: the Department of Health and Human Services (19%), the Department of Defense (9%), and the Department of State (6%).

Financial Performance

For four straight years ICF International has enjoyed steady growth. From 2011 to 2012 revenue increased by 12%, and its profits jumped by 9%. The growth was attributed to the acquisitions of Ironworks and GHK, which increased revenue by $89.6 million compared to the prior year, accounting for about 93% of the revenue growth.

ICF International in 2012 was also helped by a 29% increase in revenue from its commercial clients and a 6% rise from government clients. Growth was achieved from each of its main markets: health, social programs, and consumer/financial surged by 20%; energy, environment, and infrastructure increased about 6%; and public safety and defense climbed by 2%.


ICF International hopes to grow by selling more services to existing clients and by moving into markets related to education, social and criminal justice, and veterans' affairs programs. In addition, it will pursue higher-margin projects in areas related to air transportation, climate change, and energy efficiency for commercial as well as government clients. It anticipates the growth rate of its revenue from commercial clients will continue to exceed the revenue growth rate from its government client.

Working to achieve these goals, ICF has been looking to acquisitions. Right out of the gate, in early 2012, it purchased Ironworks Consulting, a Web development firm that offers customer management technology spanning the Internet and mobile and social media platforms. The deal, worth around $100 million, not only enhanced ICF's expertise in the all important digital sector, but it extended the reach of its commercial business, fortified its expertise in the energy sector, and opened the door to the commercial health market.

Also in 2012 ICF picked up GHK, a London-based multi-disciplinary consultancy serving government and commercial clients on environment, employment, health, education and training, transportation, social policy, business and economic development, and international development issues. ICF previously extended its expertise in the North American energy sector in early 2011 when it obtained Marbek Resource Consultants, an energy and environmental consulting firm based in Canada.

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Icf Macro, Inc.

530 Gaither Rd Ste 500
Rockville, MD 20850-1478
Phone: 1 (301) 315-2800
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  • Employer Type: Public
  • Executive Vice President transformation: Ellen Glover
  • Executive Vice President Business and Infrast: Sergio Ostria
  • President: Jeanne Townend
  • Employees: 644

Major Office Locations

  • Rockville, MD

Other Locations

  • Brookhaven, GA
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