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  • Highly-reputable in the technical and market research industries
  • Working at comScore is a good addition to the resume of job hunters
  • Continued expansion means plenty of employment opportunities


  • Some managers do not communicate as well with employees as do others
  • Because comScore is a large company, it can be difficult for employees to get noticed by management.

The Bottom Line

  • comScore tracks more than 3 million websites each day to analyze the buying and browsing habits of consumers across the globe. In fact, the company tracks the online trends of consumers located in more than 170 countries.
  • Companies that want to know not only how many potential customers have visited their websites each month but what they did while on them turn to
  • comScore
  • .
  • Based in Reston, Va., comScore has been helping companies craft their e-commerce, digital marketing and online strategies since the summer of 1999, when market research professionals Dr. Magid Abraham and Gian Fulgoni founded the company.
  • Both Abraham and Fulgoni came to comScore with extensive experience in the market research arena. The two men both previously worked at Information Resources, Inc., another well-known market research company. comScore has since become known as the first company to measure not just online browsing behavior but online buying behavior, too.
  • Today, comScore relies on more than 2 million consumers who allow the company to monitor their online browsing and transaction behaviors. By analyzing these consumers' Internet activities, comScore can advise its business clients on exactly what customers want from their online experiences and, just as importantly, what these consumers are buying once they do click on a commercial website. To provide this service, the company hires analysts, human-resources professionals, engineers and consultants.?

Quality Of Life

On its website, comScore points out that it offers employees a relaxed working environment. The company's offices are bright and open. Cubicles and traditional work spaces are frowned upon. The company also employs a business-casual work environment with a relaxed dress code. Employees...

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