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comScore knows the score when it comes to measuring online audience behavior. The company provides data, analysis, and consultancy to some 1,200 clients looking to fortify their marketing, sales, and trading initiatives. Its global panel of more than 2 million Internet users measures and tracks consumer behaviors, demographics, and advertising responsiveness for clients in such industries as travel, pharmaceuticals, finance, and telecommunications. Branded products include comScore's Media Metrix suite of website and online advertising network measurement tools and comScore's Marketing Solutions products, which provide custom research and analysis from its panel. The company was established in 1999.

Geographic Reach

The company operates primarily in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The US accounts for more revenue than any other geographic market ($172.3 million  or 74% of total revenues in fiscal 2011). Revenue from customers outside of the US increased to $60.1 million, or approximately 26% of total revenues, during fiscal 2011.


comScore only has one reportable operating segment. However, the company divides that one segment in to four main areas: Audience Analytics, Advertising Analytics, Web Analytics, and Mobile and Network Analytics.

Sales and Marketing

The company sells the majority of its products through a direct sales force. Account managers are organized vertically by industries.

comScore's brand marketing efforts include developing relationships with  publications, TV networks, reporters, and other media outlets as the company seeks to be known as a recognized and credible resource for digital marketing intelligence.

In addition to targeting the mass media, the company maintains a presence at various industry conferences and tradeshows.

Financial Analysis

The majority of the company's revenue (85% in 2011) comes from the fees it charges for its subscription-based services. The remaining percentage comes from its custom research services. In 2011 Microsoft alone accounted for 10% of its revenue.

The company has seen an upward trend in revenue between 2007 and 2011. Revenue increased by about 33% during fiscal 2011 as compared to the previous year. The increase can be mostly attributed to increased sales to the company's existing customer base and the continued growth of its overall customer base during the year.

Revenue from existing customers increased $48.5 million (from $154.1 million to $202.6 million) in fiscal 2011, while revenue from new customers increased $8.9 million (from $20.9 million to $29.8 for during fiscal 2011).

There was continued growth in subscription revenue, which increased by approximately $48.1 million during fiscal 2011. The company's project-based revenue also grew by about $9.3 million last year.


comScore's plan for growth involves broadening its international scope. Its European panel's presence is mostly in the UK, and the company plans to expand its consumer research and analysis to additional European clients as well as other global clients looking to conduct audience research in Europe.

comScore is also focused on strengthening its position in measuring cell phone usage.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In 2010 comScore improved its technology for measuring the European market when it acquired Netherlands-based Nedstat, a provider of Web analytics and video measurement services, for about $37 million.

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11950 Democracy Dr #600
Reston, VA 20190-5653
Phone: 1 (703) 438-2000
Fax: 1 (703) 438-2051


  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: SCOR
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • CEO: Serge Matta
  • CEO: Serge Matta
  • COO: Cameron Meierhoefer

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  • Reston, VA

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