ZS Associates Europe at a Glance


  • "Energy, learning, commitment, ethics, enthusiasm."
  • "Collaboration. People really help each other."
  • "Opportunities are there for people willing and able to seek them."


  • "The lack of industry diversity."
  • "Low project diversity, opaque promotion system."
  • "Growth opportunities."

The Buzz

  • "Very good in pharma."
  • "Pricing and market access."
  • "One trick pony (sales force excellence)."
  • "Rigorous."

About ZS Associates Europe

Mind your Zs and Ss

ZS Associates is a global management consulting firm specializing in marketing and sales consulting. Founded in 1983 by Kellogg School of Management marketing professors Andris A. Zoltners and Prabhakant Sinha, the firm now employs more than 2,000 professionals who offer marketing and sales strategy and implementation, operations and technology consulting advice out of ZS' 20 offices in North America, Asia and Europe. 

While it has served more than 700 companies since its founding, ZS Associates is no fly-by-night operation; indeed, the firm still counts its first client from 1983 as a client today. In fact, most of its business comes from returning clients, who appreciate ZS Associates' niche services. Most are Global 500 companies, although the firm does work with a number of midmarket, small and startup companies, hailing from a range of industries. While 90 to 95 percent of ZS's clients work in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical products and services space, the rest hail from the high tech, energy,  telecommunications, transportation, consumer products and financial services sectors.


Helping clients move forward

The firm's core capabilities are in marketing, sales, and operations. The marketing practice area works with clients to help them understand and develop the capabilities they need to commercialize a new product or service, and to improve the performance of their existing products and services. ZS' offerings include assistance with forecasting (anticipate customer demand), customer insights (know your customer), segmentation (divide and conquer your customers), value proposition (look good for your customer), marketing mix (reach your customer in multiple ways), and marketing performance measurement and optimization (give customers what they want, when they want it). 

The sales practice area complements the marketing practice, working with customers to design, implement and manage their sales infrastructure, all in an effort to maximize clients' sales effectiveness. Services include go-to-market strategy and sales channel development (how will you sell your product?), sales force design (who will sell your product?), sales force effectiveness (how good are they at selling it?), customer targeting (who will buy your product?), territory management (where will you sell your product?), sales compensation (how will you motivate employees to keep selling your product?), and sales performance management (who is selling how much?). 

Finally, the operations and technology segment provides the left-brain analytical side to sales and marketing.. The firm has long been a leader in the use of data to drive commercial strategy-its insights in the field go back fully 30 years (see below). As the volume of data continues to grow, and is increasingly being recognized as a critical business issue by clients, ZS has a range of solutions for clients-from services such as data science support and business intelligence solutions to mobile technology services and software tools for developing cost-effective sales and marketing operations.  The firm also provides analytics process outsourcing services through its ARTIS™ solution, either on an ongoing or temporary basis, to clients to help them focus on their core business.


A sweet suite

ZS Associates began developing sales- and marketing-specific software in 1983, with the creation of the first personal computer-aided territory mapping system. By 2008, it had created 12 standalone software products, which were then integrated as one unified sales and marketing software platform: the Javelin software suite. 

The suite includes three core modules: the "sales planning and execution" module helps design smarter, more profitable sales territories and keep them optimized in the changing market, as well as perfecting sales plans from the field and helping reps manage their accounts with precision. The 'incentive compensation" module helps clients to automate sales compensation calculations, establish fair and motivating sales goals, refine them at a local level and systematically define objectives across all levels of sales. Finally, a separate module helps integrate the Javelin suite with existing data systems.


A class act

Throughout the years, ZS Associates has kept up its ties with the Kellogg School of Management-where Zoltners is a Professor Emeritus, having taught at the school for years-as well as with the Indian School of Business, where Sinha teaches courses on sales force effectiveness. The firm-including its co-founders-offers executive education courses at these and other business schools on sales force performance, sales force incentive planning and other special executive-level programs.




February 2013

Online tool for evaluating Sales Force Effectiveness released

The firm launched SFE Navigator™, a new comprehensive sales force effectiveness (SFE) framework for the technology industry. The framework helps sales executives identify specific SFE drivers and accelerate growth, and incorporates leading-practice benchmarks, objective rating scales, and explicit assessments of driver interdependencies.


August 2012 

New Chairman named

The firm's board of directors named Jaideep Bajaj as ZS' new Chairman. In this new role, Bajaj will represent shareholder interests by shaping long-term strategy and innovation for client services, and by guiding firm investment in new offerings, industries and markets. Bajaj joined ZS in 1986 and had served as Managing Director and as a member of the firm's board since 2003.


July 2012 

New Managing Director named

The firm's partners named Chris Wright as ZS' new Managing Director. Wright joined ZS in 1989 and had held leadership roles as regional managing principal or North America and managing principal of the firm's global pharmaceutical practice.


June 2012

Founders receive industry honors

 ZS Associates' founders Drs. Andy Zoltners and Prabha Sinha received the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) for their pioneering and paradigm-shifting contributions to the management analytics field in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, particularly in data driven modeling of sales force size and structure.


May 2012

Consulting Magazine accolades

Consulting Magazine named ZS' Sandra Forero as a "Top 25 Consultant" in its May 2012 issue. Forero, a principal in the Princeton, New Jersey office, was recognized for her distinguished work in the client service area. Forero joined ZS in 2001 and is managing principal of ZS' territory alignment practice. Clients also appreciate her unparalleled ability to help them navigate uncharted territory and deliver results," said the firm's managing director.

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ZS Associates Europe

1800 Sherman Avenue, 7th Floor
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: (847) 492-3600
Fax: (847) 864-6280


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Managing Director: Chris Wright
  • Founding Directors: Andris Zoltners & Prabhakant Sinha
  • 2013 Employees: 2,400

  • Employment Contact
    www.zsassociates.com/careers Email: careers@zsassociates.com

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Customer Insights
    Customer Segmentation
    Marketing Mix
    Marketing Performance Measurement and Optimization
    Value Proposition
    Business Intelligence
    Customer Targeting and Activity Planning
    Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation
    Sales Channel Strategy and Management
    Sales Compensation
    Sales Force Design
    Sales Force Effectiveness
    Territory Management
    Sales & Marketing Operations and Technology
    Analytics Process Outsourcing
    Data Scientist Services
    Information Management and Reporting Administration
    Mobility Services
    Sales Compensation Administration
    Territory & Account Planning Administration

Major Office Locations

  • Evanston, IL
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Princeton
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto

  • Barcelona
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Milan
  • New Delhi
  • Paris
  • Pune
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo
  • Zurich
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