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Vivaldi Partners Group is a global firm that emerged from the brand strategy consulting firm, Vivaldi Partners. It integrates three businesses: Vivaldi Partners, brand strategy, marketing and innovation consulting; Fifth Season, a digital marketing, design agency and technology firm; and E-Edge, an executive education company that focuses on leadership development and organizational change. Vivaldi is known for its unique outside-in philosophy (Demand-First Innovation and Growth, or DIG-see below for details) that involves deep understanding of demand opportunities. The firm uses this knowledge to help companies grow their businesses and brands in a digitally connected world. It builds strong brands, establishes innovation playbooks, and creates immersive and engaging experiences in digital and social channels for their clients. Collectively, Vivaldi Partners Group works to unlock innovation and growth opportunities for brands and businesses in the digitally connected world.

"Vivaldians" pride themselves on providing customized, actionable offerings for its clients with plans that go from strategy to activation: from developing and implementing all the activities to build a brand, formulating strategies, developing new product concepts, designing business models, launching marketing or brand-building programs in digital and social channels, and providing cutting-edge creative and digital expertise.

Some of the firm's highest-profile clients have included Allianz, American Express, Dow Chemical, Samsung, PepsiCo, Jose Cuervo, DIRECTV, Telefonica, Procter & Gamble, Siemens and Volkswagen.  The firm also works with very small to medium-sized firms and even start-ups across all industries. About 60 percent of its work is focused on consumer or services marketing, while the remainder focuses on B2B marketing and industrial sectors.

Can you DIG it?

All of Vivaldi's work is driven by its DIG ideology-Demand-First Innovation and Growth.  DIG drives plans and strategies to reflect comprehensively the outside-in perspective. According to the firm, "DIG is as simple as it is subversive." The reason: nearly all the tools of conventional marketing-such as focus groups, surveys or segmentation-are designed to measure what people think. Other approaches for creating new innovations-such as ethnographies, concept testing, or brand portfolios or positioning strategies-are based on perceptions of the psychology of consumers. But the DIG methodology seeks to go beyond this and understand how people behave: what they do and how they live.  Accordingly, the DIG methodology does not just listen to what people say or observe them, but understands how they interact with their environment and other people. And at the core of all this is a new methodology called the Episode Reconstruction Method-something the firm bills as a more practical alternative to existing tools of identifying demand and growth opportunities.

While Vivaldi's work with clients tends to be a closely guarded secret, it does publish some revelations about its work. Since 2009, the firm has been studying how people interact in social, digital and physical contexts. From that work, it developed the concept of Social Currency-the idea of how people connect with brands on social networks and with others. The reason we know about this: the firm reported on its work in 2010, and has promised a follow-up report on it in 2012. In addition, Vivaldi Partners maintains a large database of social and digital initiatives of major brands and businesses, known as the SC100+. Many of these sources can be found on the firm's website.

Making the brand

The firm is particularly known for its brand management expertise.  Over the years, it has completed more than 500 branding assignments on five continents, and claims responsibility for developing many of the principles of branding along the way.  Clients are guided through a complete cycle: creation of a product concept, design of a business plan, and ultimately, development of the brand, including design and launch through digital and social efforts. Vivaldi's creative teams at Fifth Season are experienced in all aspects of design, including corporate, industrial, environmental, packaging, and naming.  If this proves not to be enough, or inappropriate to the best direction of the brand, the firm is willing to bring on specialist expertise through a network of digital and design agencies and technology partners for anything from the design of a pop-up store to managing an influencer community across key corporate stakeholders.

Vivaldi also applies this knowledge to the organization and management of brand, marketing and communications processes. It can advise clients in building social and digital marketing hubs using its deep marketing and branding expertise. It has built some of the best-known social monitoring systems to listen to social conversations and generate insights deploying analytics, visualizations and intelligence tools to manage conversations across stakeholders through amplifications and influencer management technologies.  

Speak your mind

The big brains at Vivaldi regularly publish their thoughts on the branding and marketing industries, penning books and articles on consumer insight, brand strategy and marketing.  One of the firm's most prolific writers is founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, who has published nearly 60 articles in publications like the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing,the Sloan Management Review and the Harvard Business Review.  In 2007, Joachimsthaler wrote Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Find and Execute Your Company's Next Big Growth Strategy, published by Harvard Business School Press.   

In addition, the partners of Vivaldi Partners Group, as well as its advisory board members, publish regularly in books and articles. Advisory board members include the well-known brand management academic Prof. Kevin Lane Keller who counts the books Strategic Brand Management, and Marketing Management co-authored with marketing guru Philip Kotler among his publications. Others include Professors David Collis of the Harvard Business School, who is known for his work in strategy, and Paddy Miller of IESE Business School, whose work involves leadership and innovation culture. His forthcoming book is entitled: The Innovation Architect.


June 2012

Kicking off the World Innovation Forum

Vivaldi Partners Group sponsored the World Innovation Forum, kicking it off with a sponsored workshop on "Using Social Currency to Innovate Successfully and Drive Growth." At the event, Vivaldi Partners Group unveiled findings from the 2012 update to its landmark Social Currency report from 2010.

March 2012

New leadership for Fifth Season

A long-time Vivaldi consultant, Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam returned to Vivaldi after a leave of absence to become the leader of its fast growing digital marketing and design company, Fifth Season.

January 2012

Global head office moves location

Vivaldi Partners Group moved its global head office in New York to a new location on 13 Crosby Street. This marks a return for the firm to its Soho roots, where the company was originally founded.

Chicago office opens

Mitch Duckler, a leading authority in brand management and innovation, was hired as Senior Partner to launch the firm's Chicago office as Vivaldi expands its locations and reach. Duckler will lead business development efforts and manage multinational projects.

September 2011

Senior partner joins London office

Vivaldi Partners Group hired Mark Mulcahey, a leading authority in strategy and operations, as Senior Partner to lead the London office and serve UK and international clients. Mulcahey brings over 20 years of experience in corporate strategy and operational delivery across a wide range of sectors and countries.

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