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Born Entrepreneurs

It took just 20 years for Value Partners to place itself amongst the top global consulting firms. Started in 1993 in Milan with a remit to assist Italian multinationals in their internationalization strategies, by 2012 the firm was serving over 350 clients in 50 countries around the world. Value Partners works with corporations and high-potential entrepreneurial businesses to identify and pursue value enhancement initiatives via innovation, international expansion and operational effectiveness.

Value Partners' history is a familiar one.  Some McKinsey partners decide to branch off and set up their own company.  We know-you've heard it all before.  This time, though, the partners were Giorgio Rossi Cairo and others from McKinsey's Italian office, who went their own way and opened Value Partners' first office.  The founders' objectives were clear: infuse their firm's management consulting approach with their entrepreneurial vision and serve clients with diverse, international teams. To this end, Value Partners was among the first European firms to recruit on US MBA campuses. From there, the story goes the usual route: success at a national level, then a string of international office openings and acquisitions that increase the firm's international presence and service offerings. 

At the beginning of the 2000s, the firm decided  to invest in business-critical IT services, and  created a 3000-strong company from scratch. The operation provides further proof of the firm's entrepreneurial vision, and its ability to practice at home what it preaches to clients about building successful businesses:  In 2011 Value Partners cashed in €260m from the sale of Value Team IT Consulting to NTT Docomo, the Japanese telecom giant.


From Brazil…

In 1994 Value Partners opened its first Brazilian office. What may have seemed a risky decision at the time has long since been justified by Brazil's economic explosion. 

(As a measure of how ahead of its time the decision was, consider that in 1994, Brazil had only just outlined the "Plano Real"-an attempt to stabilize the Brazilian economy and curb a problem of runaway inflation that had been years in the making. The country was years away from putting the "B" into "BRIC"-a term used to refer to the world's most economically developed "new" economies, and which was only coined in 2001.) 

Within Latin America-where the firm requires consultants to speak Spanish or Portuguese in addition to being fluent in English-Value Partners has some 70 consultants working out of two offices in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. Clients range from telcos to energy, industrial and mining companies. Evidence of the weight of the firm's presence in the country can be found in the fact that, when the Brazilian Government needed a consultancy to work with the Sport Ministry on the definition and realization of the 2014 FIFA World Cup event, it turned to Value Partners.


… to Asia

All told, the firm has ten offices in seven countries around the world, and its consultants hail from 23 different nations. Its commitment to high growth regions saw it expand to Asia in the early years of the new millennium. The decision was largely based on the firm's strong telco and media competencies, which were highly sought by regional operators and authorities. The firm currently has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore.

In its home country, meanwhile, Value Partners continues to maintain two offices-one in Rome, and one in its founding city of Milan. Not the original Milan office, however; when not at client sites, Milanese consultants have the opportunity to work in one of the few "eco-sustainable" buildings in the city, which the company moved into in 2008.

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Value Partners Management Consulting

9 Via Vespri Siciliani
Milan 20146
Phone: +39 02 485 481
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  • Employer Type: Private
  • Founder and Managing Director: Giorgio Rossi Cairo
  • 2013 Employees: 300

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    Consumer products, luxury, retail

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  • Milan (HQ)
  • Istanbul

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