Trinity Partners, LLC

The Vault Review


  • "The quality of people consistently remains the best aspect."
  • "Great company culture and smart, well-rounded coworkers."
  • "The nature of the work: it's challenging and interesting."


  • "Long hours, sometimes stressful client-management situations."
  • "Still growing, not many processes etc. in place to aid in growing pains."
  • "Working for a small firm can have its downsides. It's harder to become a specialist in one area."

The Buzz

  • "One of our more formidable competitors."
  • "Very much healthcare focused."
  • "Competitor in Business Analytics/Reporting."
  • Limited brand recognition

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Since its founding in 1996, Trinity Partners has managed to rack up a serious amount of credibility within the life sciences corner of the consulting industry-a level of kudos that also transfers to the levels...

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