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Four health

The Chartis Group is a health care management consulting firm that seems to have an affinity for the number four. The firm provides four services in four major cities. It handles both coasts with offices in San Francisco, Boston and New York, and has the middle ground covered by an office in Chicago. The firm has worked with 81 percent of the U.S. News honor roll hospitals, nine out of the top-10 children's hospitals and over 50 of the top Academic Medical Centers. To those clients, the firm offers services in strategic planning, advanced operations, organizational alignment and applied research. 

Applied research oftentimes means compiling information for clients on a variety of topics, including health care financing, demographic trending, global health care quality, legislative impact assessments and economic policy analysis. This research is often times used to produce reports that the company calls Insights. 

A healthy understanding

The Chartis Group does not boast of a magical methodology behind its work. Instead, it insists that what sets it apart from other consulting firms is that its consultants understand that they will not be able to just come in and force their changes upon clients. Instead, they take a more measured approach, learning the ins and outs of their clients' business, discovering who they are, what their challenges are and where they want to go. 

To ensure that their more individualized solutions are effective, the firm follows the following core tenets. For change to be long lasting, it must begin with an understanding of the organization's economic and operating requirements, as well as knowledge of the market in which it is competing. If strategies are implemented without this understanding, they will either be ineffective or only short lived. The firm also relies on great deal of data and proven solutions to confidently back up its decisions and get the desired results. 


Summer 2013

A spirited event

The firm gathered for five days at the famously haunted Omni Mt. Washington resort in New Hampshire to reflect on another exceptional year of service to some of the world's leading healthcare organizations. The event marked the largest Chartis retreat to date, with the firm now surpassing 100 members. Adventurous colleagues and their guests blew off some steam whitewater rafting, zip lining and, in a few cases, ghost hunting. The highlight of the week: bagpipes and fireworks orchestrated by the founding partners to say thanks to Chartis colleagues and their families for another spectacular year. 

Spring 2013

Growing the team

Just when the dust had settled on the new Chartis office in Chicago, it was already time to expand. To support its rapid growth, Chartis made noteworthy investments in talent management, finance, and knowledge management, more than tripling the size of its infrastructure staff. The firm's trendy loft offices are now livelier than ever, with a steady supply of doughnuts, stimulating conversation, and colleagues up for a friendly ping pong challenge. 

Winter 2013

Community minded (Staying connected)

Because Chartis consultants can live virtually anywhere, the firm gets creative about ways to connect. In addition to participating in quarterly all-firm events, Chartisans began to gather regularly with regional colleagues in cities such as Boston, Baltimore, New York City, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. During these regional office days, groups engage in community service and creative social events, which have included gourmet cooking classes, Formula 1 racing, and a Kentucky Derby party, complete with festive fedoras. 

March 2012

Maybe they weren't hungry

The Chartis Group facilitated a discussion on the future of healthcare at the annual conference of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Laura Etchen and Melissa McCain jump-started a late afternoon session on designing patient-centered medical homes, and shared ideas on stage with industry leaders from HealthPartners Medical Group, Montefiore Medical Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care System. It must have been a rich discussion: the 500 healthcare leaders in attendance didn't seem to mind missing their first call for dinner!

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The Chartis Group

220 West Kinzie Street
5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (877) 667-4700


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Managing Directors: Ken Graboys, Ethan Arnold, R. Christopher Regan
  • 2013 Employees: 105

  • Employment Contact 

  • Major Departments & Practices

    Accountable Care Solutions

    Applied Research

    Clinical Transformation


Major Office Locations

  • Chicago, IL (HQ)

    New York
    San Francisco

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