The Vault Review


  • "We have incredible projects and a really great culture."
  • "Awesome office culture."
  • "True strategy work."
  • "We change the way clients think and how they see the world."


  • "Overly quantitative at times."
  • "It's consulting—hours are unpredictable and there are definitely intense periods."
  • "Not as well known as we should be given the level of clients and impact."
  • "Nothing major and that is why I have been here over 10 years."

The Buzz

  • "Specialized."
  • "Collegial."
  • "Smart thinking."
  • "CPG focus."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Lots of boutique-sized firms like to trumpet their ability to deliver the 'best of both worlds' to lure talent away from the biggest names in the field....

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