The Bridgespan Group is a privately-held consulting outfit that provides services to the nonprofit sector. Services incluse strategic consulting, leadership development, and philanthropy advice. The firm was incubated by Bain & Co., and maintains strong links with Bain. According to Bain's website, "since its founding in 2000, Bain has been an important supporter of and contributor to Bridgespan. Bain has contributed talent, capital and knowledge to help fuel Bridgespan's growth. Many of the Bridgespan staff have their roots in Bain, in fact Bridgespan's founder stepped aside as Bain's worldwide managing director to create and grow Bridgespan."

Bridgespan's key areas of expertise include: education, funding strategy, global development, leadership effectiveness, organizational effectiveness, performance measurement, public health, revitalizing communities, strategy development, and children, youth, and families.

The Bridgespan Group

2 Copley Place
7th Floor, Suite 3700B
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 572-2833
Fax: `


  • Employer Type: Private Non Profit
  • Managing Partner and Co-founder: Jeffrey L. Bradach
  • World Wide Managing Director, Bain & Co.: Bob Bechek

  • Employment Contact

  • Major Departments & Practices



    Strategy Consulting

    Group Consulting

    Leading for Impact

    Nonprofit Job Board

    Philanthropy Advising

    Networking Groups



    Funding Strategy

    Global Development

    Leadership Effectiveness

    Organizational Effectiveness

    Performance Measurement

    Public Health

    Revitalizing Communities

    Strategy Development

    Children, Youth, and Families

Major Office Locations

  • Boston, MA
    New York, NY
    San Francisco, CA

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