The Brattle Group

The Vault Review


  • "Friendly educational interactions with economic experts."
  • "High degree of responsibility and ownership as the firm is smaller."
  • "Huge opportunity for excellent people to thrive commercially and intellectually."


  • "It can be difficult to juggle different project managers' demands on your time."
  • "It's hard. Don't come here if you're lazy."
  • "Unreasonable work expectations."

The Buzz

  •  "More for financial, legal types."
  • "Good economists."
  • "Very solid group of consultants."
  • "Egg heads."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: The Brattle Group seems to be in something of a growth spurt right now: insiders report strong demand for their services over the past couple of years, and suggest that the firm is picking up lateral hires from...

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