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About The Brattle Group


From Harvard Square to Trafalgar Square

The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. Originating in 1990 as a five-person outfit, Brattle combined with Incentives Research, Incorporated in 1995 to strengthen its expertise in energy matters and opened its first office in Cambridge. The firm's 250-plus employees-now working from seven offices in the United States, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom-serve a number of industries, including electric power, financial institutions, natural gas and petroleum, telecommunications and media, and health care.


Where its energy lies

Today, Brattle's specialties lie in energy, finance, and litigation throughout North America, the European Union, and even in Asia Pacific, despite having no physical presence there. In the energy sector, one of Brattle's major practice areas, it services clients in the electric, natural gas, and petroleum areas. The firm assists electric utilities, deregulated power producers, customers, regulators, and energy policy-makers with planning, regulation and litigation efforts. It provides gas clients, whether involved in production, marketing, or transport, with expert testimony and advice in regulatory and legal disputes over pricing, prudence and cost recovery, access, and contract performance. For the petroleum industry, it consults on asset valuation, contract performance, corporate strategy and risk assessments, financial modeling, market power reviews, reliability, and damages evaluations and royalty disputes. The firm also has growing practices in integrated resource planning and the design and implementation of smart grid initiatives. 

Elsewhere in the halls of commerce, financial institutions call on Brattle when faced with litigation and regulatory matters concerning securities, capital requirements, due diligence, structured finance, risk management, asset valuation, pricing of services, profitability, antitrust issues, and the cost of capital. Telecommunications and media outfits engaged in fixed-line and wireless communications, mobile satellite services, and cable and satellite television look to the firm for valuation of spectrum, the assessment of damages in litigation, assistance with auctions, the pricing of network access, and interconnection and other analyses. Brattle also has knowledge and experience in intellectual property, product liability, transportation, and general commercial litigation, as well as an established practice in international arbitration and is regularly called on for assistance in high-profile, high-stakes disputes. Its antitrust/competition experts have worked on a number of the largest mergers, or attempted mergers, in over 50 industries.


Brattle's brains

Brattle refers to its consultants collectively as a team, and its chain of command is structured flatly to encourage input in a peer-like manner from individuals of any level. Not only does the system foster a sense of collegiality, but it also exposes junior staff to some of the biggest brains in their fields. Brattle's principals are longtime experts in their respective industries, with advanced degrees in economics, finance, management, and engineering from top universities around the world. Its cadre of senior principals includes Daniel McFadden of the University of California, Berkeley, who was the co-winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Economics, and Stewart Myers of MIT's Sloan School of Management, co-author of the leading graduate-level textbook on corporate finance (Brealey & Myers). The firm's experts also draw on a network of advisors that includes renowned academics and former government officials, such as the former chief economist for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and deans and faculty at academic institutions, such as MIT, Duke University, the University of Chicago, and London Business School.


Rolling out the page-turners

Brattle consultants have shared their insights in countless academic papers, books, articles, and reports, which have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and journals all over the world. The firm frequently publishes reports and discussion papers on economic issues related to the environment, energy, finance, and telecommunications industries. Junior consulting staff are often given opportunities to co-author some of these publications. 

While the firm's studies and research have won it recognition, Brattle is also on the lookout for notable research outside its own firm. Every year, the firm sponsors prizes for the best papers in corporate finance to foster intellectual inquiry within the areas of finance and economics. As an incentive, winners receive $10,000, and two runner-up papers receive $5,000.



June 2014 

Providing Insights into Carbon Emissions Standards

Brattle economists issued a policy brief that examines the primary features and implications of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed CO2 emissions standards for existing fossil units under the Clean Air Act Section 111(d). The brief also outlines key questions that states and electric industry participants will need to evaluate while assessing the reasonableness of the EPA's proposed rule, evaluating their carbon abatement options, and establishing their State Implementation Plans for meeting the standards.


March 2014 

Strengthening Brattle's New York City Presence

Valuation expert Yvette Austin Smith joined Brattle's New York office as a Principal. Ms. Austin Smith specializes in M&A and bankruptcy disputes with subject matter expertise in valuation and credit and solvency analysis. 

Ms. Austin Smith has provided expert services in several high-profile litigation matters related to recapitalizations, going-private transactions, mergers and acquisitions, dissenting shareholder actions, and adversary proceedings in bankruptcy. Most recently, she has been designated as a testifying expert on behalf of JPMorgan Chase in Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. v. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. In both litigation and non-litigation matters, she has also worked on behalf of Barnes & Noble, TD Bank Group, Travelport, Allianz SE, and a number of private companies.


January 2014 

Among the World's Best Competition Economists

Brattle was named one of the top economic consultancies by Global Competition Review's (GCR) 14th Annual "Economics 20." The list is an analysis of the world's leading economic consulting firms that emphasizes the size of the firm's practice, reputation, evaluation of work completed in the past year, and the talent of individual economists. The GCR specifically emphasized the growth of Brattle's antitrust and competition practice, supported by a network of experts that includes Nobel laureates as well as academics from several prominent institutions, including the London School of Economics, Northeastern University, Georgetown University, Stanford University, and Harvard Law School.


December 2013 

Growing San Francisco's Litigation and Finance Practices

Health Care and Finance expert Brad Johnson joined Brattle as Principal in the San Francisco office. Mr. Johnson specializes in the application of economic and financial analysis to issues that arise in all phases of complex commercial litigation and executive business decision making, particularly within the health care and financial institutions industries. 

Securities litigation expert Torben Voetmann joined the San Francisco office as a Principal in July 2013. Dr. Voetmann has more than ten years of experience working with clients and experts in highly complex litigation matters. He is experienced in all phases of litigation, including deposition, mediation, arbitration, and trial, and he has provided financial and economic consulting services to law firms on complex financial market disputes, commercial business disputes and other litigation matters involving accounting, finance, valuation, or economic issues.

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The Brattle Group

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  • Employer Type: Private
  • President & CEO: M. Alexis Maniatis
  • 2014 Employees: 260

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  • Major Departments & Practices
    Practices Antitrust/Competition Commercial Damages Data Analytics Environmental Litigation & Regulation Intellectual Property International Arbitration International Trade Product Liability Regulatory Finance & Accounting Risk Management Securities Tax Utility Regulatory Policy & Ratemaking Valuation   Industries Electric Power Financial Institutions Health Care Products and Services Natural Gas and Petroleum Telecommunications & Media Transportation

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    New York
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