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Innovation is the name of the game

At Strategos, innovation is seen as the key to developing and maintaining a successful business. A boutique strategy and innovation consultancy with offices around the globe, Strategos' philosophy is that innovation needs to be systemic and live at the heart of a business if it is to deliver results and engage employees. Accordingly, the firm helps to define game changing strategies for its clients, as well as to develop opportunities and build a true culture and capability for innovation.

For a small firm, Strategos works on big issues. With around 30 experienced professionals across multiple locations, it works with mostly corporate clients on a wide range of innovation topics and challenges. The promised results? Compelling strategies backed up with big, new ideas, faster results, a healthy pipeline of new products and services, enterprising and productive employees and innovative business models. Strategos seems to make good on its promises, having performed services for 25 out of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, in addition to other members of the Fortune Global 500.

A whirl of difference

Strategos' marquee clients span the business spectrum, including names such as Applied Materials, Whirlpool Corporation, Nokia, Roche Diagnostics and Royal Dutch/Shell.

The firm's website prominently features glowing client testimonials. One client, Whirlpool, approached Strategos for help when it realized it could not remain a household brand name by simply coming up with better appliances. "It needed to find more fundamental advantages," says Strategos, which helped Whirlpool executives think outside the box. Within two years of hiring the firm to help develop new ideas, Whirlpool had created several new product lines, such as a new line of appliances for younger lifestyles, a system of high quality, attractive looking, appliances and organizers for garages, and started the Inspired Chef cooking schools that showcase Whirlpool products. Within two years, Whirlpool's "innovation pipeline" was flowing with ideas, and Whirlpool estimated that these new appliances, once on the market, could produce $3 billion in annual sales.

Sharing knowledge

With such a strong grounding in innovation, it's no surprise to find that Strategos takes the concept of exchanging information seriously too. Members of the Strategos team regularly publish articles on the firm's innovation blog, while the firm also maintains a LinkedIn group that is dedicated to creating and updating a community of innovation specialists, both within the firm and beyond.


October 2011

Strategos spins off from Innovaro

After four years as an operating division of Innovaro, Strategos once again became an independent strategy and consultancy firm, fully owned by the three partners who manage the firm.

June 2012

Members of the Board of Directors invest in Innovaro

Two Directors of Strategos' parent, Innovaro, invested a combined $250,000 in a direct share purchase agreement, a move that indicates a a high level of confidence in the future of the enterprise.


March 2012

Strategos enters fifth phase projects with an Asian telecom leader

Extending a relationship that started in the spring of 2010, Strategos continues to support a leading Asian telecom firm's progress toward building a core competence for innovation. According to the firm, the total value of the relationship is approximately $10M over three years.

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35 East Wacker Drive
9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 655-0826
Fax: (312) 655-8334


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Managing Director: Gary Getz

  • Employment Contact

    Visit the "Contact" section of the firm’s website

  • Major Departments & Practices

    Enterprise Innovation Capability

    Growth Strategy

    Leadership & Organization

    Management & Open Innovation

    New Market & Product Development

Major Office Locations

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Chicago, IL
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Munich, Germany

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