Grow Faster.  With Us.

At Simon-Kucher & Partners, employees are given lots of project responsibility—and quickly! We like to let our employees hit the ground running and we love when new hires take proactive roles on their projects. Sure, the learning curve is quick, but we’re eager to help you adjust.  At many firms, it takes several years before consultants are given managerial responsibilities on projects. Increased responsibility from the get-go is just one of the benefits to working at a growing firm like Simon-Kucher & Partners. Maxie, a Boston-based senior consultant who began her career with us in Germany, recalls managing a work stream on one of her first projects. 

If we were kids, we wouldn’t ask you over to play and then tell you that all of the good toys were off limits. And as adults, we don’t believe in that approach either. We want you to feel invested in your work here, and diving right in helps you quickly acclimate to your clients and your projects.  Since we’re a growing firm, you’ll be an integral part of small project teams, providing you with direct access to partners and knowledge of all parts of a project; you’ll learn all project components, methods, and tools, instead of performing the same set of tasks from project to project. 

You’ll work on exciting projects in a variety of industries.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked in all major industries for clients from A- to… well, -Z.   If a specific industry really sets your heart racing, chances are, we’re working in it. You might be wondering- all of this from a pricing consultancy?? While we do trace our roots to pricing, we’ve since expanded our reach into other areas, like marketing, sales, and strategy within a variety of industries. We’re very committed to working within our areas of expertise, but our background gives us a solid foundation for a variety of project work.

Ravi, a consultant in Boston, was thrilled to find himself on a pricing project that saw a highly anticipated pharmaceutical product introduced into a market with a direct competitor launching simultaneously. Ravi and his team used quantitative and qualitative analysis and even game theory to predict market reactions and responses to the product. The results of the project fed into the client's strategic planning and business forecasting, and Simon-Kucher & Partners helped the company determine a pricing strategy each step of the way until the product launch. Said Ravi, “It’s exciting to be an integral part of the development and launch of cutting edge products and technologies.” Jon, a consultant with an MBA and a PhD in pathology, likes the fact that he’s able to be involved in projects related to his thesis topic through his involvement in pharmaceutical projects.  Annette, a senior director in Zurich who joined Simon-Kucher & Partners in 2002, has worked on a variety of projects, from pricing strategy for e-books to setting the prices for tires for earth moving equipment: “The broad spectrum of projects keeps the job interesting, even after all these years”, she says, “And the people I work with are great- motivated, friendly and smart”.        

You’ll grow with us. 

Simon-Kucher & Partners is committed to double-digit growth. And we mean it. Last year, we reported record revenues of $140 million.  Our growth plan for 2011 has us primed for a 22% increase in revenue. And fortunately, as we grow, so do you. Mike, the consultant who counts his co-workers as friends inside and outsideof the office, joined the company amidst the worst recession in decades. He started as an entry level consultant (C1) and has since been promoted three times in almost as many years.  In that time, his responsibilities have increased significantly: where he was once guided through analyses by project managers, he now manages workstreams, gives client presentations, and represents the firm at industry conventions.

Personal growth is also fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit at Simon-Kucher & Partners. Whether it’s the development of a new industry, market, or topic, you’ll find company-wide support for your pursuits. It was three young directors, not partners, who opened three new offices in 2011 (Beijing, Singapore, and Sydney); we’re eager to let our employees take on challenges to grow themselves and the company. In nine years with the company, senior director Annette’s role has evolved from helping on projects to being more or less responsible for Simon-Kucher & Partners media business in German-speaking regions: “Aside from project work, I can define where I spend my efforts on my own, which is very rewarding,” says Annette.

Education is important to us, and we try to ensure that our consultants can grow intellectually and professionally in their work at Simon-Kucher & Partners. Our employees around the world have published numerous books and articles on pricing. Jon, the previously mentioned life sciences consultant, is currently working on a peer reviewed Journal article: “I hadn’t expected that I’d be able to continue publishing in academic journals while working in the business world”.     

Employees starting with Simon-Kucher & Partners attend a week-long training session, called STEPS. At STEPS, you’ll learn more about our various divisions, vision and values, pricing basics, and project tools. The training also focuses heavily on a case study of a real project and you’ll devote time to one ‘project phase’ each day. And continuous education is not limited to learning on the job. The Simon-Kucher & Partners Academy is a comprehensive training program designed to help us do our jobs better and teach consultants core soft skills (presentation, facilitation, leadership, project management, media, etc.) as well as more ‘hard’ tools and skills like price management, value selling, finance, Simon-Kucher & Partners methods, etc.).

You’ll have time to enjoy life outside of the office.

At Simon-Kucher & Partners, we pride ourselves on our work/life balance. The amount of time you’ll spend traveling depends on the industry, client, and project, and can range from five days/week in the office to four days at a client site (wherever that may be). Either way, our working hours are typically below the industry average. Stephan, our chief talent officer, tells new hires to hang onto their gym memberships since “you’ll be home often enough to use it”. Our offices in 17 countries give us flexibility when staffing projects and we try to minimize travel by utilizing local resources (read: consultants) as often as possible. We’re also open to giving working moms and dads the flexibility they need to balance the demands of work and family. 

We’re a social bunch, and our consultants plan annual ski trips, parties and summer outings accordingly. After starting with Simon-Kucher & Partners, Mike, a consultant with a BA in economics and music, was surprised by how open consultants were to helping out and to hanging out:  "Outside of the office, we play in a softball league, organize pick-up basketball games, go to trivia nights, and even take vacations together."   Work shouldn’t be your entire life, and our consultants find numerous ways to unwind after a day’s work. Though it isn’t always easy, Lasma, a senior consultant in the London office, makes time to train for (and travel to) international figure skating competitions. She even likens the experience to her work as a consultant: “In figure skating and in consulting, you’re constantly finding ways to think on your feet”. Other consultants, like Brian and Frank, both based in Boston, are former college athletes who try to squeeze in court time when they can. Many of our consultants are active volunteers who connect us with organizations near and dear to their hearts for our annual Volunteer Outing. Kristen, a consultant in New York City, started a non-profit for which she organizes an annual 5K in her father’s memory and Steve, a life sciences partner, spends his Saturdays volunteering at Community Servings, a local organization dedicated to feeding the terminally ill. In fact, Steve began working with the organization on the recommendation of a co-worker at SKP.   

You’ll gain international experience.

One of the great things about working at Simon-Kucher & Partners is our international background. With 23 offices around the world, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for global project experience. Many consultants work directly with project teams in other countries, and occasionally you might even find yourself spending time on-site for a client who is based overseas. Even if you don’t add too many new stamps to your passport, we love to hire people who share our affinity for language, culture, and project work around the world. As a result, our offices are very diverse; within the Boston office alone our employees speak 20 different languages and dialects. 

Since we’re an international firm, we want to be sure that all of our employees can reap the benefits: from international project travel to “rotations” between offices. Danilo, our travel-loving senior director and founder of the Milan office, once worked on a margin optimization project which took him to Australia, Singapore, China, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Malaysia, and the UK. When our life sciences division worked on a project to price a new drug to treat a rare disease, Annette, the senior director in Switzerland, traveled to Germany, the UK, and France to interview industry thought leaders before compiling the results for a client presentation. 

Simon-Kucher & Partners strongly supports international rotations which allow consultants to work in one of our offices abroad for anywhere from 3 months to a full year at a time. In addition to the personal growth that stems from working in a new environment, our rotation program gives employees a first-hand understanding of the business environment in our offices abroad and helps you to maintain and strengthen ties between offices as our business grows. While you’re “on rotation”, as we say in the office, your project work is assigned with these goals in mind: you’re assigned to projects that are specific to both the office in which you’re rotating and the market(s) in which you specialize. According to Robb, a Sydney-based senior consultant who learned about doing business in the UK from a three month stint in the London office, “The best part of the experience was working in teams and exploring London with a group of motivated, fun, and down-to-earth individuals from around the world”.    

If you think you’d like to participate in our rotation program, Anne, a Boston-based senior consultant who spent six months on rotation in Paris in 2010, advises you to lay the groundwork early: When she started at Simon-Kucher & Partners, she let the people around her know that she spoke French and was interested in French projects. She was quickly introduced to the team in Paris. The right foundation helps you to maximize your experience on rotation, says Anne: “You’ll get the most out of a rotation to Beijing if you’ve worked to develop expertise in the Chinese healthcare market and can expand upon it on rotation”.