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Great colleagues, good place to start career

3.0 of 5 stars

February 2015 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Great environment, friendly colleagues
Ample learning opportunities for recent grads, with usually friendly seniors willing to share knowledge
Women with small children can work part-time (the salary is reduced to adjust to the lower number of hours assuming that a regular work week has 50 hours, which is quite positive, since the work week can be a lot longer that that, and on top you get an e.g. 9-5 job in consulting)


Management "grew" with the company, many of them never worked for a different employer nor have any type of management training, especially in Life Sciences division (learnt on the job, but suffer from a serious lack of management skills). This translates in ridiculous strategic decisions, poor HR policies, and a lack of sensible long term strategic planning.
Advancement is not related to performance in any way (correlation is strongest with time on position for junior roles, and closeness to a strong partner for more senior ones)


For recent grads this company offers a very good opportunity in terms of learning and later exit options; they will find supportive seniors, and a friendly environment that makes the long hours easier to endure. Salary is also attractive compared to other alternatives (even is they have to start as interns, the 6 months of low salary are worth it).
For experienced roles, better take a closer look at other options; previous experience is not rewarded unless it is exactly in the same field (not easy given that it is a boutique even if management will not admit to it), and they may find frustrating that their superiors know a lot less than they do about management issues.

You have to know whether you want it

3.0 of 5 stars

December 2014 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


Nice, helpful colleagues - this amounts to a pleasant work environment.


Projects may become very repetitive - not necessarily much diversification offered.


The online pyschometric test prior to interviews is, apparently, not the easiest one - make sure to prepare well!

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