Simon-Kucher & Partners Europe

The Vault Review


  • "We have something to sell—increasingly not the case with a lot of strategy firms out there."
  • "Early responsibility, travel and colleagues."
  • "Ambitious firm which is growing rapidly—good opportunities available."


  • "Sometimes tasks are not very challenging."
  • "A bit too focused in terms of project type and salary not yet matching best packages in the industry."
  • "Ability to influence project choice."

The Buzz

  • "Pricing specialists turned strategists."
  • "The pricing guys."
  • "Deep expertise, strong focus."
  • "Too specialized, not diverse."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Ask around about Simon-Kucher, and it's pretty clear that those who have heard of the firm know what it does: the Simon-Kucher name is pretty much synonymous with pricing. That kind of branding is hard to come...

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