Simon-Kucher & Partners Asia

The Vault Review


  • "Interesting topics, smart and fun people, responsibility, career opportunities."
  • "On the professional side, it is a good mixture of theory and real-world experience. On the personal side, it is a global and friendly atmosphere."
  • "Great diverse and international teams focused on exciting topics to help companies grow."


  • "Still developing (organization and systems are often changed), less compensation and less prestige in countries outside E.U. and U.S."
  • "Travel needs."
  • "Lack of processes means room for improvement."

The Buzz

  • "Mainly pricing projects."
  • "Ultra boutique."
  • Limited reputation in Asia.

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: While it's a well-known and well-established firm on its home continent (Europe) and making inroads into North America, Simon-Kucher in Asia feels and operates much more like a start-up....

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