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  • "International aspect of colleagues; great Chemicals and Energy leadership in North America."
  • "Distinct culture of a small sized firm, meaning that you can make an impact and get recognized quickly—you do not feel part of a machine."
  • "Early responsibility, high visibility and international diversity."
  • "Diversity, learning, entrepreneurship opportunities."


  • "Sometimes the travel schedule is a little crazy."
  • "Heterogeneous culture across geographies."

The Buzz

  • "Strong in Europe."
  • "Struggling but respected."
  • "Resurgent."
  • "Older and capitalistic."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: The last time we conducted our survey, in 2013, Roland Berger was the name on the lips of almost everyone in the consulting industry-with speculation rife that it was on the verge of being...

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