The Vault Review


  • "Flexibility to shape one's career via international assignments, different industries, etc."
  • "Creativity is highly valued."
  • "Opportunities to grasp."
  • "Challenging work, full and overall responsibility, solid remuneration."


  • Not sleeping at home."
  • "Turmoil due to the expected sell-off."
  • "Given the project assignments, work-life balance can be tricky sometimes."
  • "It is a job that requires a lot of energy."

The Buzz

  • "Good in restructuring."
  • "Coming in right after McK."
  • "Tough times."
  • "Great in Germany, very small in the UK."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: However it turns out in the long term, Roland Berger's decision to buck industry trends and retain its status as an independent operator has achieved one major effect: its consultants appear to have been...

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