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Opportunities ahead
The people under Right Management Consultants may be the only people who don’t dread pink slips.  That’s because layoffs mean big business for Right Managementâ€"a subsidiary of staffing services company Manpower since 2004â€"which steps in to help its clients manage the full scope of their workforce needs, from hiring through transitioning.  Right Management’s professionals are skilled in assisting employees in transition land on their feet successfully, and as quickly as possible.  In addition to outplacement services, the firm’s 3,275 professionals help organizations attract and assess new managerial talent and skilled workers, develop current employees’ leadership and professional skills, and help engage and align them with the company’s goals and strategies.  With more than 300 service locations in 50 countries, Right Management manages to keep its own workforce engaged and aligned. 

Right-on focus
Right Management’s consulting services fall into four main practice areas that cover the full employment lifecyle.  The “attract and assess†area focuses on bringing in the top talent in a client’s market.  The “develop†practice area focuses on leaders already within the company, offering them coaching, leadership development and professional skill development services.  The “engage and align†practice area connects employees with an organization’s strategy, vision and purpose to achieve better organizational performance.  But the bulk of Right Management’s business has to do with its fourth practice areaâ€"outplacement servicesâ€"which it now terms “transition services.† The firm has also developed “RightChoice,†an outplacement solution that provides displaced employees with support: whether personal, one-on-one coaching, connections to marketplace resources, job search skills training and in-office and at-home Web-based solutions to stay connected with the individual until he or she has achieved success.

Booming after the bust
Right Management was founded in December 1980 by Frank Louchheim, Larry Evans, Rob Fish and Boardman Thompson, who first dubbed the firm Right Associates.  Back then, the company had only three officesâ€"its headquarters in Philadelphia and two locations in New York and Stamford, Conn.  In 1992, Rich Pinola was named president and CEO.  Under his leadership, Right Management developed an organizational consulting business in addition to its outplacement business.  With the fallout of the dot-com bubble in 2000 and the ensuing waves of layoffs, the firm really picked up steam.  Within four years, Right Management was a hot commodityâ€"in January 2004, it had an unsolicited bid for its stock from Manpower Inc.  The company swept up Right Management in a stock deal worth almost $500 million, and merged its own consulting wing into Right Management.

More on Manpower
The 2004 acquisition of Right Management was one of many deals Manpower has made since 2000.  With 4,400 offices in 73 countries and 400,000 clients, Right Management’s parent company is one of the country’s largest, ranking at No. 136 on the Fortune 500.  And, in 2006, Manpower made it onto the pages of Fortune magazine, when it was named America’s Most Admired Staffing Company for the fourth year in a row.  Manpower still made it into the Fortune 500 list in 2010, ranking No. 143.  It also gained the top spot in the Temporary Help category.  In addition to Right Management, the company’s other brands include Manpower Professional, Elan and Jefferson Wells.

A new face at the top
In December 2006, Right Management acquired Grow Talent Company Limited, an organizational and individual consulting firm with offices in Guragaon, Mumbai and Bangalore.  CEO Owen Sullivan explained at the time that the acquisition was part of the company’s overall plans to expand its service delivery network abroad, especially in India.  In January 2007, CEO Sullivan got a helping hand when the firm named Douglas Matthews as Right Management’s new president and chief operating officer.  Formerly executive vice president of Right Management’s global operations, Matthews became in charge of the firm’s global operations, business development, product management, finance and marketing.  The executives’ leadership when it comes to global operations were affirmed as Right Management further expanded its services abroadâ€"establishing its presence in Austria and Poland in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

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Right Management Consultants

1818 Market Street
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Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 988-1588
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  • Employer Type: Public
  • CEO: Owen Sullivan
  • 2009 Employees: 3,500

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