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Since 1988, Putnam Associates has developed its niche as a premier strategy consulting firm for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical device industries. Headquartered just outside Boston in Burlington, the firm provides clients with objective, high impact strategic advice and analytical services, helping to support clients in crucial business decisions at all stages of franchise development and marketing. In the past five years alone, the firm's roughly 60 professionals have completed more than 250 projects. Putnam has served many of its core clients for more than a decade, while continuing to add new clients, major drivers of recent and future growth.

Product placement

Given its exclusive focus on life sciences, most of Putnam's services focus on maximizing clients' investment in new and existing products. That's good news for the firm's clients, who can spend more than 10 years developing new products-including wading through discovery, comprehensive testing, regulatory reviews and market research-before they are launched.

Putnam works with clients to develop strategies based on rigorous issue framing and data-driven analyses, often combining analysis of academic literature (epidemiological, clinical), third-party data (claims data, prescribing data), financial reporting data, and primary research conducted through Putnam's extensive global network of physicians, managed care organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers and government representatives. Services in this segment include market opportunity evaluations, competitive landscape assessments, product development strategies, in-licensing assessments, product positioning and marketing, launch and growth strategies, pricing strategies, sales force effectiveness and product lifecycle planning. Putnam has worked with all of the top-10 global biopharmaceutical companies, and 5 top-10 global brands, as well as venture-backed biotechs, device and rare disease franchises. In 2012, approximately one-third of projects had a global focus, and approximately half supported new products (pre-launch or recently launched).

The firm prides itself on fostering an enriching professional culture. An internal weekly seminar series keeps teams connected with one another, with advances in project methodology, and new developments in health care. Mentorship, training, and tuition reimbursement programs encourage employees to continue learning. In addition, Putnamites can be found at annual national medical conferences in oncology, transplantation and other therapeutic areas, ensuring that the firm stays on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends. Putnam maintains a prominent thought-leadership profile in the industry by creating focused knowledge development presentations that can be shared with selected clients, and by sharing insights more broadly via guest lectures and conference panel participation.

Ensuring a successful launch

Many of Putnam's projects focus on the key challenges of bringing new drugs to market. Often a pipeline molecule has multiple potential indications (e.g., treatment of particular types of immune disorders or cardiovascular problems or different types of cancers) and an array of potential "target product profiles" within a particular indication. In one recent project, Putnam helped validate the epidemiology of untreated patient populations, then worked with the client to better define the real unmet medical needs in the therapeutic area, leading to recommendations around a target product profile in the lead indication. That profile informed clinical end-points the client aimed for in designing the pivotal Phase III trials. Putnam then worked with the commercial team to build strategies around introducing the product to target markets, pricing the product, and attaining reimbursement. At the same time, Putnam helped build forecast models for key countries, and conducted pipeline assessments to help the client keep apace of fast moving clinical developments among competitors and to help the client consider potential complementary in-licensing opportunities (complimentary products for different subpopulations, or for combination therapies).

Whether Putnam's clients are evaluating their portfolios, developing new products, trying to grow marketed products, or trying to optimize late life-cycle products, the firm's strength lies in its ability to consistently deliver exceptional work and superior insights on the industry's complex challenges.


July 2013

Career Growth a Key Component of Putnam's Culture

For the third consecutive year, every Putnam employee who applied to a top-tier business school was admitted. Over its 25 year history, the firm has an established track record of assisting employees to gain admission to top-tier business schools. In the past three years, 100 percent of Putnam employees who have applied to Harvard Business School, Stanford, Wharton, and Kellogg, were accepted to one or more of those institutions, with four individuals gaining admission to HBS in 2012 alone, and Putnam alumni enrolling in each of the four. The success in placing employees at prestigious institutions is an outgrowth of the pride the firms takes in creating a professional environment that enables its employees to reach their maximum potential and develop their careers.

July 2013

Putnam's Inflection Point: Cutting through the ACO Confusion

Putnam Associates identified the strategic implications for biopharmaceutical manufacturers to consider when adapting to the changing landscape of healthcare brought on by the advent of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Research conducted by Putnam Associates demonstrated that while all ACOs aim to drive savings and improve quality of care, their scale, risk-sharing tolerance, systems sophistication, and relationship structure with healthcare stakeholders varies significantly between models. The analysis highlights how manufacturers can reshape their strategies to engage with diverse segments of ACO and MCO stakeholders and effectively gain access for their products.

May 2013

Scientific Findings on "Super-Enhancers" Published in Cell

Putnam Associates' Life Sciences Consultant Dr. Warren A. Whyte was the lead author of a paper published in the April issue of Cell on research that could revolutionize the treatment of cancer and other diseases. The work centers on the discovery of a set of powerful gene control domains termed "super-enhancers" that regulate cell behavior and identity. The scientific findings are based on post-doctoral research Warren conducted along with colleagues at MIT prior to joining Putnam earlier this year.

February 2013

Putnam Invited to Moderate at Babson Healthcare and Life Sciences Forum

John Gordon, Partner at Putnam Associates, moderated a panel on "The Changing BioPharma Model". The biopharma industry has developed from virtually zero to a $140 billion market in the past 20 years. The discussion highlighted that as a result of this increase the focus for managers has shifted from how to absorb the fast growth to how to build a sustainable market. Pressure on revenues due to expiring patents and the increase of biosimilars, a change in production technology, and new competitors from developing nations were also issues identified that future managers will need to tackle.

October 2012

Life Sciences Consultant Track Kicks-Off

Putnam launched a Life Sciences Consultant track targeting PhD and/or MD candidates leveraging their substantial science training to optimize the commercial strategies for the firm's clients. The Life Sciences Consultants' scientific and clinical knowledge provides a unique perspective in identifying critical issues and developing solutions to their clients' most complex challenges. The firm recruits actively from industry and top institutions across the country.

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