The Vault Review


  • High level of trust in junior staff
  • “Consultants are treated as individuals, and are given the freedom and support to shape their careers and the work they do”
  • “Financially robust”
  • “The opportunity to progress rapidly if you are willing to invest the time and effort to develop yourself”


  • “Penny-pinching mentality around expenses”
  • “Too many rules, policies and procedures, which sometimes feel stifling”
  • Internal politics at senior levels
  • “Not enough annual leave”

The Buzz

  • "Big in UK"
  • "Hierarchical"
  • "Diverse practice areas"
  • "Too local"

Survey Says


A conservative core

Insiders say PA is “small enough to care about its people, but big enough to offer the benefits of a large organisationâ€.  The main culture is one with strong ethics, where “doing
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