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About Oliver Wyman Europe

New York-based Oliver Wyman is part of the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC), a global professional services network with brands and affiliates in more than 100 countries. The largest component of Oliver Wyman Group is Oliver Wyman, a management consulting business which has more than 4,000 consultants working out of offices in over 50 cities spread across some 26 countries. Oliver Wyman Group also includes NERA Economic Consulting and the brand and identity consultancy Lippincott. 

The firm's consulting services cover the automotive, aviation, aerospace and defense, communications, energy, media, financial services, industrial products and services, health and life sciences, public policy, retail and consumer products, and surface transportation sectors. Its clients include numerous Global 1000 companies, more than 80 percent of the world's largest 100 financial institutions and heads of Fortune 1000 companies.

Global reach

Although Oliver Wyman is headquartered in New York, the firm has a very cosmopolitan flavor with a footprint on five continents. While the firm has a strong foothold in North America, more than half of its offices are located elsewhere, and more than 50 percent of its employees are European. Further boosting the company's geographic and business reach, meanwhile, is the fact that the other companies owned by parent company MMC are available, should opportunities arise for collaboration with Oliver Wyman. Lastly, the company's global staffing approach places consultants on projects based on expertise and development need, no matter their home office. Cross-pollination throughout the offices is the norm rather than the exception. 

Nonprofit opportunities

The firm is committed to the concept of work-life balance and, as part of that commitment, it offers several programs for staff to recharge their batteries or pursue other interests. One example is the Non-Profit Fellowship program, in which employees can choose to work for a non-profit organization for three to six months, while the firm pays a stipend equivalent up to 40 percent of their salary. Since 2008, Oliver Wyman has had an alliance with micro-lending organization Kiva.org, operating a formal externship program that dedicates consulting staff to supporting Kiva's expansion. Oliver Wyman has a strong relationship with One Acre Fund, an organization which invests in farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi to generate a permanent gain in farm income to reduce poverty and hunger. Additionally, consultants have collaborated with organizations such as the Clinton Health Initiative, Teach for India, United Way, Technoserve and Baseball for Peace, to name a few. 

Oliver Wyman has also established long-term partnerships with select non-profit organizations to provide pro-bono consulting services. For example, it has worked with Room to Read, which aims to transform the lives of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. The Boston, Stamford, Houston and London Symphony Orchestras, Junior Achievement, Women's World Banking, Vision Fund International, Trees for Cities, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind are all organizations for which Oliver Wyman provided assistance. The list continues to grow. 

Experts at research

It's not enough for Oliver Wyman's consultants to know their industries-they have to know them well enough to be able to publish frequent reports on the state of those industries. For example, the firm has been putting out a "State of the Financial Services Industry" report every year since 1997, and in 2007 it began publishing a "State of the Communications, Media & Technology Industry" report. Since 2011 it has published an annual Oliver Wyman Risk Journal and since 2012 an annual Oliver Wyman Retail Journal. Additionally, the firm conducts research each year with the World Economic Forum and parent company MMC on global risks. The results are published in their annual "Global Risk Report," which identifies all the major global risks, assesses their economic impact and recommends mitigation solutions.

The firm's partners are also regularly quoted in financial and business publications, and leading industry trade publications. 


October 2015  

HEALTH INNOVATION SUMMIT:  Navigating the Path to Health Market 2.0

The Summit, supported by the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center, convenes over 500 senior leaders - both incumbent and new players - across a broad set of sectors committed to innovation and transformation.  Oliver Wyman's 2015 ambition is to help leaders understand what it will take - financially, politically, organizationally, and personally - to make Health Market 2.0 a reality.  Participants such as large-scale innovators and major incumbents - leaders on the front lines of change who are defying the 'Incumbent's Dilemma' - share ideas and best practices to ensure that change at-scale is possible despite the shackles of legacy profit models and tremendous status quo inertia. The Health Innovation Summit was held October 12-14 in Chicago.

June 2015

Launch of 10 Ideas

The 2nd edition of Oliver Wyman Ideas went digital and is an app now available through iTunes.  It offers the firm's latest thinking on challenges and opportunities for industries such as financial services, healthcare, energy, aviation, manufacturing, and more. Articles from Oliver Wyman's journals and videos reflect the firm's insights on issues of importance to senior business leaders.  The most recent edition of Ten Ideas from Oliver Wyman focuses on customers and the importance of how industries deal with empowered customers and base their innovations on customers' positive experiences. The ideas range from the energy and banking industries coping with customers who are also competitors to examining how evolving customer demands force companies to overhaul not just their products and services, but also how they develop and deliver them to the healthcare industry's discovery about what it takes to re-orient empowered consumers.  Click http://owy.mn/1IFwBUp to learn more. 

May 2015

Inclusion & Diversity are Top of Mind:  Insipiring Leaders Training

Our Inspiring Leaders program was launched in 2013 and continues to be a flagship program for the firm. Inspiring Leaders is a leadership development and sponsorship program targeted at high-potential diverse colleagues to: ensure a successful career at Oliver Wyman, create a strong peer network and develop a pool of senior leaders to act as sponsors and be role models throughout the firm.

Each protégé in the program (OW calls them Future Leaders) is paired with a sponsor who is a senior influential figure in the firm. The sponsors build a trusted relationship with the Future Leader which then allows them to both coach and develop and create advocacy opportunities. Together the pair participate in three face-to-face modules and also complete inter-session work together.  Over 100 people have participated thus far.  And as testament to its success, OW is building out an advanced version of the program for their less tenured Partners.

January 2015:   World Economic Forum in Davos

For the eighth consecutive year, Oliver Wyman was part of the Marsh & McLennan Companies delegation to the World Economic Forum's Global Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The firm launched key pieces of intellectual content at the gathering, which attracted over 3,000 global luminaries from business, government, academia, and entertainment.  Oliver Wyman Financial Services released "Managing Complexity", its 18th Annual State of the Financial Services Industry Report.  The Health & Life Sciences practice hosted a breakfast briefing focused on responding to Ebola featuring a panel of impressive expert which received endorsements from 10 Downing Street and USAID.   Forces impacting the energy sector and what the private sector and policy makers can do to address the severe infrastructure investment gap were highlighted by OW's Manufacturing, Transportation & Energy practice at a briefing.  In parallel and in partnership with MMC, OW's annual Global Risk Report was launched just prior to Davos.  For full details on the wide range of impact and activity, please visit Oliver Wyman's Davos microsite:  http://www.oliverwyman.com/insights/events/2015/davos.html.

December 2014

Women in Financial Services Report:  From Evolution to Revolution, the Time is Now

There have long been concerns about the lack of women at the senior levels in financial services. Many have suggested that the excessive risk taking and mistreatment of customers in the pre-2007 boom were caused by the overwhelming masculinity of the industry.  That's not the whole story, of course.  The crisis had many causes. And a lack of diversity has many consequences. But regardless, it remains clear that the sector is losing out in the 'war for talent'.

In a comprehensive report, "Women in Financial Services:  From Evolution to Revolution, the Time is Now". Oliver Wyman analyzed the gender mix of senior staff at over 150 firms internationally and surveyed over 1,000 current and potential financial services employees from five countries.  Many senior women (and a few men!) were interviewed from across the Financial Services sector.  The report was widely cited in major news outlets and a hot topic on social media.

August 2014

Oliver Wyman Launches OW Labs 

With over 2.5 Million terabytes (2.5 exabytes) of data created each day, it is not surprising that companies find themselves awash in data.  Many are frustrated that they are not managing to create or extract as much value from these data stockpiles as they would wish.  The mission of OW Labs is to help clients to unleash the power of the information they already have or could capture - essentially to become knowledge-powered businesses - and through that to drive competitive advantage and sustained impact.  OW Labs is working with clients in three ways: 

  • Undertaking advanced analytics on very large/complex data sets to create new insights and understanding;

  • Building MIS reporting and dashboard applications that put the right information in the hands of the people that need it, when they need it;

  • Providing decision support solutions that allow key decision makers to make better quality decisions faster and more easily, and to massively streamline the information and workflow for those decisions. 

Many of the solutions that OW Labs has developed are being used by front-line decision makers in the field on mobile devices such as iPads.  OW Labs has the technical capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions including data discovery, heavy duty analytics, application development, deployment, and ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support. 

"The establishment of OW Labs as a new unit formalises a capability that Oliver Wyman has been developing over the last eight years in sectors that have been at the vanguard of using Big Data to drive business decision making, such as retail and technology," said Scott McDonald, Chief Executive Officer of Oliver Wyman Group. "OW Labs is now taking those leading edge capabilities across all of the sectors and geographies we serve.

Please visit at: labs.oliverwyman.com

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Oliver Wyman Europe

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  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • Stock Symbol: MMC
  • Stock Exchange: NYSE
  • CEO: Scott McDonald
  • 2015 Employees: 4,300

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Aviation, Aerospace & Defense
    Business Transformation
    Communications, Media & Technology
    Corporate Finance & Restructuring
    Organization Transformation
    Finance & Risk
    Financial Services
    Health & Life Sciences
    Manufacturing Industries
    Marketing & Sales
    Operations & Technology
    Public Sector
    Retail & Consumer Products
    Surface Transportation
    Value Sourcing

Major Office Locations

  • New York, NY
  • Over 58 offices across 26 countries