The Vault Review


  • "Work-life balance, great compensation, global travel if you want it."
  • "Exposure to senior clients."
  • "Travel opportunities (if you don't mind being away from home for months at a time)."


  • "We still need to increase our brand awareness."
  • "Long hours, too much travel if you hate it, mobility across regions is challenging."
  • "Constantly increasing admin overload as we're getting bigger."

The Buzz

  • "Great in finance."
  • "Highly prestigious, leaders in the field."
  • "Not big in India."
  • "Specialized strong boutique firm."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: For those seeking consulting careers in the financial services sector, few firms will loom as large as Oliver Wyman, and with good reason: the firm's reputation in the field is extremely strong, especially...

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