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About Novantas, Inc.

Across industries, the early adopters of technology and digitization win. From retail to banking to consulting, the firms that move first and fast are growing; those who don't sit still and wonder why.

As the world's financial markets come under pressure locally and globally, the financial industry is increasingly relying on Novantas' unique formula of advice, customer analytics, and technology to drive improvement. We don't just tell clients the answer; we empower them to solve problems themselves. The secret ingredient? A partnership between our consultants, product managers, and engineers. Together, the advisory and technology solutions groups create superior value for retail and commercial banks through deep and insightful analysis of the information that drives the financial services industry across pricing, product development, treasury and risk management, distribution, marketing, and workforce management. This is not only the right way to serve clients, it also provides limitless career opportunities for new staff to self determine their long term interests.

In recent years, the company has rapidly expanded its offerings into robust practices, continually adding new expertise, thought leadership and decision support technology to its reputation as a trusted advisor to hundreds of financial institutions across North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America.. In 2016, this included the acquisition of Treasury Strategies, the leading treasury consulting firm in the world.

Teams that work for Customers and Staff

Novantas was founded in the mid-1990s by consultants and practice leaders from Booz Allen Hamilton, Bain and First Manhattan Consulting Group, who realized that their clients were looking for something different from the traditional group-think consulting model. With that in mind, the founders of Novantas decided to break the mold and build a company rooted in expertise which excels at translating that knowledge into tangible results for clients. As a result, its 'consultants' are selected based on their status as leading industry experts, and its advisory teams have a high director-to-staff ratio with three to five professionals led by one or more Managing Directors.

The science of consulting

Novantas has turned its practical approach to consulting into a near-academic discipline. According to the company, "customer science," defines, builds, manages, and measures the total cosmos of revenue-generating capabilities for financial institutions. This includes branding, market mix management, segmentation, product design, pricing, distribution management, sales execution effectiveness, and customer experience-all tools in Novantas' advisory and technology solutions laboratory. At the heart of these analytical methods are the firm's proprietary platforms: PriceTek®, StrataScape®, SalesScape™, and BankChoice Monitor®. For Example, PriceTek, the company's flagship product, analyzes how current and prospective customers respond to changes in a bank's interest rates, relative to the competition. Based on these elasticity measurements, PriceTek creates predictive models of how balance acquisition, growth, diminishment and attrition could be affected by pricing.


Innovators as well as advisors

Novantas Managing Directors see themselves as a collection of industry scientists as much as business consultants. They are very knowledgeable about the industry, and curious thinkers by nature who like to push the boundaries in search of creative solutions to clients' business challenges. Together, the advisory and technology businesses bring innovative insights to clients across a range of different industries, and provide employees with the opportunity to work in different areas throughout the course of their careers.


July 2016

Multinationals Scramble To Contain Risks Linked to Brexit - The Wall Street Journal

Multinationals are moving to protect against foreign exchange risk and other repercussions of Britain's decision to leave the European Union, said Anthony Carfang, managing director of consulting firm Novantas Inc.'s Treasury Strategies division. Specifically, finance chiefs and treasurers are increasing their currency hedges, raising cash holdings and more closely scrutinizing the credit quality of their trade partners, he said.

June 2016

Novantas Acquires Treasury Strategies

Novantas, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Chicago-based Treasury Strategies, Inc., a leading consultancy in bank and corporate treasury functions. The transaction expands the Novantas portfolio and strengthens its position as the leading revenue management company serving the financial community. It also extends Novantas analytic advisory services and technology solutions into the corporate arena.

April 2016

Crisis in Promotional Deposit Pricing - "Best of Week" in BAI Banking Strategies

Price promotions long have been an important tool for deposit-gathering, both to meet long-term funding goals and to quickly acquire balances in special situations. While the deposit-rich environment of recent years has muted much of the need for deposit promotions, these campaigns are set to proliferate as banks seek funding to accelerate loan growth and begin to cope with rising rates.

March 2016

Bank of Montreal Uses PriceTek® Deposits to Advance Pricing Infrastructure

With the low rate environment in Canada, Bank of Montreal (BMO) was faced with a sustained and strong level of competition. "In that environment where additional points of spread can be the difference between being profitable and unprofitable, we were interested in using a pricing tool as a way to get a detailed understanding of our portfolio behavior and identify opportunities and insights to optimize our pricing in a way that meet customer preferences and needs" said Chris Downing, Senior Manager - Core Banking Products, Bank of Montreal.

March 2016

Novantas Bank Shopper Research Reveals Key New Insights About "Thin Branch Ready" Consumers

Novantas released the 2016 Omni-Channel Bank Shopper Research Report, presenting new findings from the Company's ongoing U.S. checking shopper surveys. The 2016 report reveals that the dominant, fastest growing segment today is "Thin Branch Ready" consumers, characterized by little dependence on, but high attachment to branches. The research further finds that this high-value segment is ready to shift loyalties from the top three national banks to regional and direct banks for their next relationship.

May 2015

The great pruning - The Economist

Banks are thinning their branch networks…Some 30-40% of bank clients almost never set foot in [a branch], according to Novantas, a consultancy, yet still stick with the high-street chains. "Twenty years ago, the branch was the bank," says Kevin Travis of Novantas. No longer. People have gone from being branch-dependent to being merely psychologically attached to them, he argues.

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Novantas, Inc.

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  • Employer Type: Private
  • Co-CEOs and Managing Directors: David G. Kaytes & Richard W. Spitler
  • 2016 Employees: 250

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Pricing Strategy
    Product Design
    Distribution Strategy
    Marketing Strategy
    Treasury & Risk Management
    Workforce & Performance Management
    Merger & Acquisition Support
    Decision Support Technology

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