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About Novantas, Inc.

As the world's financial markets continue to fluctuate, the financial industry has a friend in Novantas. Across the advisory and technology solutions groups, the firm creates superior value for clients through deep and insightful analysis of the information that drives the financial services industry - in pricing, product development, treasury and risk management, distribution, marketing, and sales management. In recent years, the firm has rapidly expanded its offerings into robust practices, continually adding new expertise, thought leadership and decision support technology to its reputation as a trusted advisor to hundreds of financial institutions across North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America. 

There's no "I" in team

Novantas was founded in the mid-1990s by consultants and practice leaders from Booz Allen Hamilton, Bain and First Manhattan Consulting Group, who realized that their clients were looking for something different from the traditional group-think consulting model. With that in mind, the founders of Novantas decided to break the mold and build a firm rooted in expertise which excels at translating that knowledge into tangible results for clients. As a result, its 'consultants' are selected based on their status as leading industry experts, and its advisory teams have a higher director-to-staff ratio with  three to five professionals, led by one or more Managing Directors who bring a combination of industry insight and practical solutions. 

The science of consulting

Novantas has turned its practical approach to consulting into a near-academic discipline. According to the firm, "customer science," defines, builds, manages, and measures the total cosmos of revenue-generating capabilities for the firm's clients. This includes branding, market mix management, segmentation, product design, pricing, distribution management, sales execution effectiveness and customer experience-all tools in Novantas' advisory and technology solutions laboratory. At the heart of these analytical methods are the firm's proprietary platforms: PriceTek®, StrataScape, SalesScape and BankChoice Monitor®. For Example, PriceTek, the firm's flagship product,analyzes how current and prospective customers respond to changes in a bank's interest rates, relative to the competition. Based on these elasticity measurements, PriceTek creates predictive models of how balance acquisition, growth, diminishment and attrition could be affected by pricing. 

Innovators as well as advisors

Novantas Managing Directors see themselves as a collection of industry scientists as much as business consultants-they are very knowledgeable about the industry and curious thinkers by nature who like to push the boundaries in search of creative solutions to clients' business challenges. Together, the advisory and technology businesses bring innovative insights to clients across a range of different industries, and provide employees with the opportunity to work in different areas throughout the course of their careers. 


May 2015

The great pruning - The Economist

Banks are thinning their branch networks…Some 30-40% of bank clients almost never set foot in [a branch], according to Novantas, a consultancy, yet still stick with the high-street chains. "Twenty years ago, the branch was the bank," says Kevin Travis of Novantas. No longer. People have gone from being branch-dependent to being merely psychologically attached to them, he argues. 

May 2015

Novantas Analysis Supports "CBA by the Numbers" - Consumer Bankers Association

CBA Member Banks total $12.4 trillion in assets, about 65% of all bank, thrift and credit union assets in the U.S. A new feature on the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) web site allows users to see vital statistics of CBA members across each state. Data prepared by Novantas. 

April 2015

Allied Irish Bank Selects Novantas' PriceTek® Platform to Deepen Understanding of Deposit Portfolio

Novantas, a leading financial services analytic advisory and solutions firm, is pleased to announce that Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. (AIB) has selected Novantas's PriceTek® Deposits Platform to improve analytical efficiency and provide a deeper understanding of the value and duration of consumer deposits. 

April 2015

FS analytic advisory firm Novantas announces UK launch - Finextra

Novantas, a leading financial services analytic advisory and solutions firm, is pleased to announce that it is launching regulatory stress testing and deposit pricing services and technology for the UK banking sector. 

November 2014

Five Tech Challenges Banks Face in Next Year's Stress Tests - Bank Technology News

Missing data is also an issue for large banks. For instance, in trying to stress-test business deposits, they struggle to gather all the needed account information…"When you start getting into business accounts, you run into an additional layer of complexity, because you're dealing with companies with multiple operating accounts and multiple entities…If you've already got that data managed in a logical away, you're ahead," [said Pete Gilchrist of Novantas]. His Firm provides software it calls a "fit-for-purpose data mart" that collects and organizes data for stress testing and for pricing analytics. 

March 2014

Loans Are Finally Easier to Get - The Wall Street Journal

Even after the worst of the financial crisis has passed, banks have found themselves in a much stricter regulatory environment as government clamped down on the lax lending practices that led to banks being saddled with billions of dollars in bad loans.. As a result of regulatory pressure, "banks had to back away from the [lower-rated but still] creditworthy customers who are exactly the people that need loans the most, " says Rick Spitler, co-chief executive officer of Novantas, a firm that provides consulting services to banks.

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Novantas, Inc.

485 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 953-4444
Fax: (212) 972-4602



  • Employer Type: Private
  • Co-CEOs and Managing Directors: David G. Kaytes & Richard W. Spitler
  • 2015 Employees: 185

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  • Major Departments & Practices
    Customer Strategy
    Marketing/Sales Effectiveness
    Merger & Acquisition Support
    Operations & Systems
    Risk Management
    Workforce & Performance Management

Major Office Locations

  • New York (HQ)
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • McLean, VA
  • Toronto

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